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Aug 27 2014

NYIT Architecture Professor Helps Illuminate Burning Man Festival

Aug 26 2014

PA Grads Attain High Pass Rate on National Exam

Aug 19 2014

NYIT Cybersecurity Conference 2014

Aug 18 2014

NYIT and Turkish Partner YTU Offer Dual Master’s Degrees

Aug 08 2014

Student-Doctors Begin NYIT Osteopathic Medical Education

Aug 29 2014

Domestic Residential New Student Orientation - Old Westbury

Sep 02 2014

New MFA Graduate Student Orientation

Sep 04 2014

Women’s Soccer vs. New Haven

Sep 05 2014

Career Services Welcome Back Breakfast

Sep 05 2014

Career Services Welcome Breakfast

Gallery 61 Announcements
May 29 2013

THOUGHT PROCESS:A Collection of material from the NYIT Students of Architecture, Design and Fine Art

The NYIT students of Architecture, Design and Fine Art began their projects with drawings about their ideas; be it the water flow systems in Red Hook, observing the devastation in Sandy’s wake, designing modular furniture for a “green zone”, or inventing cubist-style forms that morph into everyday objects depicted in the murals.
The architecture and design drawings are made with graphite, markers, ink, auto cad and photo shop mostly done on vellum. Complementing the drawings are conceptual and finished models, made with Lucite, illustration board and wood. What is interesting to see are the pieces of laser cut images discarded by the students which have now been salvaged and installed in the exhibition.
The Fine Arts students began their process by drawing an object of their choice to show their ability to depict observed reality. The instructor enlarged those drawings and collaged parts of them together to create one composite image. A grid was imposed on it to form rectangular segments. The students collaborated by enlarging each grid into panels which were pieced together to complete the three murals.
The students included in the exhibition are:
Architecture and Design:
Nabi Agzamov, Alex Alaimo, Christopher Alvarez, Anastasia Berestova, Dyana Berthaud, Trent Christianson, Mahmoud Ezzeldin, Iliana Filotheidi, Lamprini Filotheidl, Tea Gjinitea, Oswaldo Hernandez, Natalie Jaggernauth, Aurelija Jara, Ecem Kaya, Eduard Khaimov, Jennifer Knutsen, Alex Macvicar, Fabiola Mira, John O’Shea, Analee Ossandon, Chuong Pham, Paul Renner, Rene Reynolds, Ashley Sarazen, Rhett Stafford, Sacha Toledo, Marcus Wilford, Mathew Wyhowanec, Jingwan Xu, Amir Yoeli, William Yu
Fine Arts:
S. Macia Ahmed, Shaida Bridgemohan, Christa Ciano, Kevin Fisher, Ashley Foster, Jivon Jackson, Raymond Liu, Brian Mackowitz, Bernard Mendoza, Shih Wei Wang, Jermaine Robinson, Catalina Salgado, Shaun Tsui, Fiona Varughese, Shih Wei Wang
The exhibition continues through September 26, 2013. The gallery hours are Monday-Friday 9 am – 6 PM. For additional information, please contact Jennifer Mitchell at 212-261-1562, jmitchel@nyit.edu,

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