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Dec 18 2014

BBC to Feature Home2(O) Project in News Segment

Dec 12 2014

NYIT Wins Grant to Develop STEM Programs

Dec 12 2014

NYIT-Abu Dhabi M.S. Granted Local Accreditation

Dec 08 2014

NYIT Study: Thyroid Hormones Reduce Animal Cardiac Arrhythmias

Dec 04 2014

NYIT At White House Event to Announce Commitment to Expand College Access

Jan 06 2015

Transfer Enrollment Day

Jan 07 2015

Transfer Enrollment Day

Jan 08 2015

Transfer Enrollment Day

Jan 27 2015

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Jan 28 2015

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Gallery 61 Announcements
Feb 19 2014

Cora Jane Glasser and Greg Lamarche Trajectories

Trajectories Exhibit

Reception for the artists: February 24, 2014, 5-7 p.m., Exhibit dates are February 20 -- March 26, 2014

NYIT Gallery 61 is pleased to present Trajectories, an exhibition of work of artists, Cora Jane Glasser and Greg Lamarche. Native New Yorkers, both artists use the urban environment as their muse, giving rise to subtle visual similarities to be found in structure and color- yet both have taken their own unique paths- “trajectories”, if you will- to arrive at very different modes of expression.

Cora Jane Glasser takes her imagery from construction and demolition sites. Her influences include growing up in a family of glaziers. Their generations of work in commercial structures around NYC has always made her feel a part of the built environment, particularly as work in progress. Participating through her artwork, she deconstructs, fragments and distorts the structures and their surroundings, leaving surface elements to capture the essence of a scene. The imagery is mostly abstract, yet there is a recognizable sense of place. Often using black as her blank canvas, Glasser evokes the Deconstructivist style of architecture, which is characterized by fragmentation and an interest in manipulating a structure’s surface or skin.  The work in this exhibit includes paintings, drawings, prints and sculptural pieces. Employing various mediums and materials including encaustic and Homasote, Glasser recreates structures while addressing the actual and metaphoric empty spaces between them. The work varies widely in scale. Included in the exhibit are a seven inch square drawing of a crane separating from a high rise building under construction during Hurricane Sandy, and an architectural installation piece, “Frieze”, occupying sixteen running feet, a narrative on painted panels separated by dark columns of sculpted paper. 

Cora Jane Glasser was born in Brooklyn, lives in Manhattan and works in Long Island City. She earned a BA/BS in art and anthropology at Queens College and later studied at the Art Students League in New York. Her work has been exhibited in numerous national and international venues and is held in private and corporate collections, including Pfizer, Inc., Acumen Partners, LLC, Vericon Construction Co., XØ Projects, and the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center.

Greg Lamarche’s urban collages emerge from his experience as a graffiti artist. Known as SP One, Lamarche was among the young outlaws of the early 1980s who used New York’s infrastructure, subways and walls as their canvas. The stylized typography of graffiti remains Lamarche’s anchor, influencing the intricate layers of letters, numbers and urban shapes with which he creates his collages.

Growing up in a creative household Lamarche was introduced to art at an early age, often doing hand lettering with his mother. This exposure gave Lamarche an appreciation for art historical tones and textures, an influence he now incorporates into his work. His collection of antique papers and printed material, such as advertisements and packaging, numbers in the thousands. Lamarche uses these papers as source material, painstakingly cutting shapes and typography from these sheets, then arranging them as dynamic forms and emergent color in his collages. The result is at once strongly contemporary but with a warmth of history. These papers have been through time; Lamarche reveals their memories, making them part of the urban trajectory of his work.

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