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Sep 04 2013

How well do you know NYIT? Test your knowledge by answering this Weekly Update trivia question correctly. Email your answer to updates@nyit.edu. The first to answer correctly will win an NYIT T-shirt:

NYIT begins a new academic year with many pride points from the past year, including:

A. The master's program in physician assistant studies earned reaccreditation through 2019.
B. The Chinese Ministry of Education certified bachelor's programs in communications arts and electrical and computer engineering at NYIT-Nanjing.
C. NYIT-Vancouver received an educational quality assurance designation from the British Columbia Ministry and was conferred degree-granting authority for a master's degree in information, network, and computer security.
D. A and B.
E. All of the above.

Following is the answer to the trivia question posed in the last Weekly Update:

All of the following NYIT news and events occurred in August except:

C. The latest issue of NYIT Magazine was published.

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