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Jul 29 2013

How well have you followed NYIT news and events in July? Test your knowledge by answering this Weekly Update trivia question correctly. Email your answer to updates@nyit.edu. The first to answer correctly will win an NYIT t-shirt:

All of the following NYIT initiatives occurred in July except:

A. NYIT announced an EcoPartnership to address clean water challenges in China.
B. NYIT hosted an outcomes-based assessment program for student service professionals.
C. Medical students and faculty provided health care services in El Salvador.
D. NYIT hosted orientation for new students in New York.

Congrats to Dan Quigley, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, who responded first to the trivia question posed in the last Weekly Update.

NYIT historical figure

Which NYIT building is named after the person pictured above?

c. Theobald Science Center

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