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May 30 2013

Members of the Department of Physician Assistant (PA) Studies presented research at the American Academy of Physician Assistants Conference, May 25-29 in Washington, D.C. They include:

  • Frank Acevedo (facevedo@nyit.edu), assistant professor of PA studies, and NYIT graduates Allyson Stein (M.S. '13) and Julianne Clark (M.S. '13) gave the presentation, "Survey of Medical Application Use by New York State Physician Assistants."
  • David Jackson, D.H.Sc. (djacks01@nyit.edu), adjunct professor of PA studies, and Christopher Funfgeld (M.S. '13) presented the poster, "Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: Perceived Barriers Influencing Parents' Decisions to Vaccinate their Sons." Read more.
  • Corri Wolf (cwolf01@nyit.edu), assistant professor of PA studies, discussed the poster, "Factors Associated with Physician Assistant Students' Attitudes Towards Homosexuality," and gave the presentation, "Imaging of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Demystifying the Long Strange Trip."

Beth Adubato, Ph.D. (badubato@nyit.edu), assistant professor of behavioral sciences, presented research at a Wildlife Crime Symposium at Rutgers University in Newark, N.J. Her work has been cited in media outlets such as Yahoo!News and Scientific American.

An affordable housing project collaboration between Matthias Altwicker (maltwick@nyit.edu), associate professor and chair of the Department of Architecture at NYIT-Manhattan, and Tobias Holler (tholler@nyit.edu), assistant professor of architecture, is featured in the article, "Don't Forget the Burbs," on May 21 in Architect magazine. Read more.

The New Jersey Technology Council invited Nada Anid, Ph.D. (nanid@nyit.edu), dean of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, to speak on the expert panel, Securing the Tri-State Region as a Technology Hub, on May 21 at the Vision 2013 Tri-State IT Conference and Expo in Iselin, N.J. She was also featured in the article, "Women Scientists Lead in Labs" (login required for reading) in the May 3-9 edition of Long Island Business News, and included on the top female deans list as part of the spring 2013 report, "Women in Engineering: A Review of the 2012 Literature," published by the Society of Women Engineers.

Bill Blazey, D.O. (wblazey@nyit.edu), assistant professor of family medicine, was quoted in the article, "New Survey Looks at Physicians’ Use of HIT, Clinical Apps," published by AMN Healthcare News. Read more.

Anthony DiMatteo, Ph.D. (dimatteo@nyit.edu), professor of English, published the poem, "Happiness Wears No Clothes," in the online poetry journal, Toe Good. Read more.

Claude E. Gagna, Ph.D. (cgagna@nyit.edu), associate professor and director of NYIT biology laboratories, published the article, "The Next Generation of Nucleic Acid Microarrays: Alternative, Multi-Stranded, Plasmid and Helical Transitional DNA and RNA Microarrays," in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Student co-authors included Varun Verma, Roshan Chatlani, Irshad Ally, Elizabeth Thomas, and Xiao Feng Yang.

Farzana Gandhi (fgandhi@nyit.edu), assistant professor of architecture, served as an invited speaker for the "Design Empathy" exhibition as part of NYCXDESIGN at the International Wanted Design Event, May 18 in New York City. She spoke about a prototype for a medicinal cart and urban design strategy that she is working on with the nonprofit organization, El Puente, in Brooklyn, N.Y. The project is featured in the article, "It's Not the Ice Cream Truck, It's the Health Truck," on May 16 in BOLD magazine. Read more.

Peter Harris (pharris@nyit.edu), professor and chair of the Department of Accounting, published the paper, "U.S. GAAP Conversion to IFRS: A Case Study of the Balance Sheet," in the March/April 2013 issue of the Journal of Business Case Studies.

Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D. (klagrand@nyit.edu), gave the presentation, "The Ethical and Social Ramifications of Rossler's Blueprint for Making Benevolent Robots," at Arizona State University's Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy, and Ethics, May 20-21 in Chandler, Ariz.

Marshall D. Willman (mwillman@nyit.edu), assistant professor of English at NYIT-Nanjing, and Xuetai Qi (xqi@nyit.edu), adjunct professor of social sciences at NYIT-Nanjing, organized and chaired the first NYIT-NUPT Symposium on Mind, Value, and Moral Psychology on May 11 in China. Read more.

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