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Jul 03 2012

Christine Alter (calter@nyit.edu), teacher and counselor for the Vocational Independence Program of NYIT, published the article, "Motivational Interviewing: A Useful Approach for Parents and Counselors Planning for Post-Secondary Transition," in the summer issue of Autism Spectrum News. Read more.

Kiran Balagani, Ph.D. (kbalagan@nyit.edu), assistant professor of computer science, has been awarded a grant for "Investigating Cognitive Rhythms as a New Modality for Continuous Authentication" by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Mar de Fez, Ph.D. (mdelma01@nyit.edu), associate professor of physics at NYIT-Bahrain, presented the talk, "Application of Physics to Medical Physics," at the First Medical Physics Forum hosted by the University of Bahrain. Her presentation focused on the discovery of X-rays to the building of the Large Hadron Collider as well as  devices drawn from nuclear and particle physics that have changed the ways patients are treated.

Claude Gagna, Ph.D. (cgagna@nyit.edu), associate professor of life sciences and director of NYIT biology laboratories, published "Advanced Techniques for Genomic and Proteomics: Transitional Structural Chemogenomics, Chemoproteomics, Pharmacogenomics, and Pharmacoproteomics" on June 5 in American Laboratory. The article is based on DNA, RNA, and protein research projects related to his NYIT patent from 2005.

Jonathan Goldman, Ph.D. (jgoldm03@nyit.edu), assistant professor of English, organized a panel on "Intellectual Property in Joyce from Copyright to Branding and Beyond," during which he presented the paper, "Ulysses, the Fiction of Trademark," at the XXIII Annual James Joyce Symposium, June 10-16 in Dublin, Ireland. He also chaired a conference panel on "Serial Encounters with the Little Review."

John Hanc (jhanc@nyit.edu), associate professor of communication arts, published "How Canada Celebrates the War of 1812" on Smithsonian.com. The article examines Canadian attitudes toward the War of 1812 in time for the conflict's bicentennial this year. Read more.

Peter Harris (pharris@nyit.edu), professor and chair of the Department of Accounting and Finance, published "An Empirical Analysis of Market Reaction to Corporate Accounting Malfeasance" in the spring 2012 issue of Accounting and Taxation and "An Overview of Corporate Accounting Malfeasance" in the April 2012 issue of the Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review. The former won an outstanding paper award.

In addition, Harris and Petra Dilling, Ph.D. (pdilling@nyit.edu), assistant professor of management and associate dean at NYIT-Vancouver, co-authored "Management Opportunities Post the Last in First Out (LIFO) Methods," in the February 2012 issue of the Journal of Global Business Management.

Abram Poczter, Ph.D. (apoczter@nyit.edu), professor of marketing studies, presented the papers, "Globalization: A Marketer's View" and "Converging the Economic Convergence Theory with Lead-Lag Scheme in Marketing," at the 2012 International Business and Economics European Academic Conference, June 6-8 in Rome, Italy.

Burton L. Roslyn (broslyn@nyit.edu), adjunct faculty member in the School of Architecture and Design, has been nominated to the American Institute of Architects National Board for 2013. An election in September will confirm his nomination. He is the president of Roslyn Consultants, LLC, a firm in Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Ernst VanBergeijk, Ph.D. (evanberg@nyit.edu), associate dean and executive director of the Vocational Independence Program (VIP) of NYIT, and Paul Cavanagh, Ph.D. (pcavanag@nyit.edu), director of academics and evaluation for VIP, published the article, "Meaningful Summer Experiences to Aid Transition," in the special spotlight section of Parenting Special Needs magazine. Read more.

In addition, the pair had their article "Finding and Evaluating Empirically Based Interventions" featured on the June 29 cover of Autism Spectrum News. Read more.

Erin Vlasak (evlasak@nyit.edu), director of student support services for the Vocational Independence Program (VIP) of NYIT, and Michelle Ranaldo (mranaldo@nyit.edu), director of technology for VIP, co-authored the article, "Video Games," in the June 2012 issue of Exceptional Parent magazine.

Krzysztof Zaba (kzaba@nyit.edu), director of global and international admissions, contributed to the article, "Can't Live Without It," in the summer 2012 issue of Education Executive. The article focused on how universities are using technology in the recruitment process.

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