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Mar 04 2013

Congrats to the NYIT Office of Publications and Advertising on receiving three awards in the 28th Annual Educational Advertising Awards sponsored by the Higher Education Marketing Report. The university earned two gold awards: one for its advertising campaign (magazine)—"We're Out There. Join Us."—featuring the School of Architecture and Design, and the other for its TV/online video advertising, "A Day in the Life." NYIT also earned a bronze award for its "Anansi Meets Mrs. Mosquito" publication, video, and fundraiser benefiting the NYIT Center for Global Health's Hawa Hospital in Ghana. More than 3,000 entries were received in the largest educational advertising awards competition in the country.

Zehra Ahmed (zahmed01@nyit.edu), and Corri Wolf (cwolf01@nyit.edu), assistant professors of physician assistant studies, have had their original research article and poster submission, "Use of Standardized Patient Encounters to Assess Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, and Professionalism During the Clinical Year," accepted for publication online in the Journal of Physician Assistant Education. Publication is scheduled for mid-March to coincide with issue 24.1 of the journal.

Amy Bravo (abravo@nyit.edu), assistant dean of career services, and Jim Martinez, Ph.D. (jmarti23@nyit.edu), assistant professor of instructional technology, were selected to present the session, "Teacher Activists Engage Engineering Students in the Community by Focusing on Public Education in Harlem," on March 17 at the Museum of the City of New York's Teaching Social Activism Conference.

Susana H. Case, Ph.D. (shcase@nyit.edu), professor and coordinator for behavioral sciences at NYIT-Manhattan, had her book, Salem in Séance, reviewed by Story Circle Book Reviews. Read more.

NYIT hospitality students experienced a taste of luxury on Feb. 26 during an educational visit to the historic Garden City (N.Y.) Hotel coordinated by James Henry Dunne, J.D. (jdunne@nyit.edu), assistant professor of hospitality management, for his HOSP 420 Leadership and Employee Relations class. Read more.

A. Martin Gerdes, Ph.D. (agerdes@nyit.edu), professor and chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, co-authored the article, "Improvement of Left Ventricular Remodeling After Myocardial Infarction with Eight Weeks L-Thyroxine Treatment in Rats," published in the Journal of Translational Medicine. It presents the findings of a study led by Gerdes on how thyroid hormones help heart condition in rats. Read more.

Mindy Haar, Ph.D. (mhaar@nyit.edu), director of program development for the Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, and Tobi Abramson, Ph.D. (tabramso@nyit.edu), director of the mental health counseling program, published the article, "Intensive Behavior Therapy Works with the Right Training," in Aging Today Online, a publication of the American Society on Aging. Read more.

In addition, Haar was quoted in the article, "Energy Drinks and Teens: Safe? Not So Much," in Your Teen Magazine. Read more.

Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D. (klagrand@nyit.edu), associate professor and director of NYIT technical writing programs, has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the European Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency for research into the ethics of robotics, particularly the ethical and philosophical underpinnings of recent efforts to develop an artificial conscience for robots. The award is part of a larger grant in the amount of 3,850,000 Euros ($5,175,552 American dollars) to a consortium of individuals and institutions from Europe and North America (including such institutions as UC Berkeley and Duke University), and the project will span the next five years.

Frank Meuschke (fmeuschk@nyit.edu), adjunct professor and director of the NYIT fabrication lab, has mounted the exhibit of paintings, "Nearer Than Eden," at Providence (R.I.) College. Read more.

In addition, his artwork is included in the exhibition "Land Ho!" at the Virginia Commonwealth University Art Gallery.

Kate E. O'Hara, Ph.D. (kohara@nyit.edu), assistant professor of instructional technology, delivered the presentation, "Illuminating Inequities: Technology and the Common Core Standards," on March 2 at the 6th Annual Conference on Equity and Social Justice in New Paltz, N.Y. The presentation reflected her auto-ethnographic work in urban schools, focusing on teachers' use of technology and the relationship to K-12 students meeting common core standards.

Sarah Meyland, J.D. (smeyland@nyit.edu), associate professor and director of the NYIT Center for Water Resources Management, spoke at the Orient (N.Y.) Association meeting on wastewater treatment and protecting water quality. She discussed how wastewater treatment technology works and the impact that its discharges have on groundwater and surface water quality.

Ernst O. VanBergeijk, Ph.D. (evanberg@nyit.edu), associate dean of the NYIT Vocational Independence Program, published the article, "Preventing the Loss of Skills Over the Summer," as a cover story in the March 2013 issue of Exceptional Parent Magazine.

Garon Wheeler, Ph.D. (gwheeler@nyit.edu), campus dean at NYIT-Abu Dhabi, presented "Teachers' Perceptions of Students and the Effects on Student Performance" at the CamTESOL Conference, Feb. 23-24 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He was also an invited guest at the conference's Regional English Language Teaching Leadership Forum.

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