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Jan 14 2013


David Cirella (dcirella@nyit.edu), librarian l, has published the article, "Beyond Traditional Literacy Instruction," in the December 2012 issue of Computers in Libraries. Read more.

John di Domenico (jdidomen@nyit.edu), professor of architecture, is the recipient of the Sidney L. Strauss Award, an annual honor given by the New York Society of Architects.

Peter Harris (pharris@nyit.edu), professor and chair of the Department of Accounting, published the paper, "The Effects of LIFO (Last In, First Out) Repeal on the Entertainment Industry," in the January 2013 issue of the Journal of Business and Economics Research.

Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D. (klagrand@nyit.edu), associate professor and director of NYIT technical writing programs, has written the book, Androids and Intelligent Networks in Early Modern Literature and Culture: Artificial Slaves, published by Routledge Press. This scholarly monograph explores the creation and use of artificially made humanoid servants and servant networks by fictional and nonfictional scientists before the 17th century. It analyzes how representations of artificial servants in pre-empirical literature and culture reflect the promises and dangers of technological self-enhancement, as understood at the time, and how those reflections might resonate with today's technological developments.

Fred Rosen (frosen@nyit.edu), adjunct associate professor of film, published a front-page story in the Jan. 13 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the notorious serial killer Gary Hilton, the subject of his book, Trails of Death: The True Story of National Forest Serial Killer Gary Hilton.

Michael Scarpa Burnett (mburnett@nyit.edu), associate dean of campus life at NYIT-Old Westbury, accepted the 2012 Nationwide Top Ten Per Capita Award from the American Cancer Society on behalf of NYIT. The award, which recognizes NYIT's work on Relay for Life, honors events for counties that have a population of more than 1 million averaged with fundraising. NYIT's Relay for Life ranked No. 8 among 23 events from 2012 in Nassau County, N.Y.

Patty Wongpakdee (kwongpak@nyit.edu), assistant professor of fine arts, wrote "Resurfacing Graphics," which was selected for a best paper award by the Journal of Arts and Humanities, a publication of the Maryland Institute of Research.

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