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Sep 24 2012

Taha Al-Douri, Ph.D. (taldour@nyit.edu), assistant dean of the School of Architecture and Design at NYIT-Abu Dhabi, delivered the Sept. 10 opening lecture of the Cultural Season 2012-2013, a public lecture series held by the Abu Dhabi chapter of the United Arab Emirates Writer's Union. The talk focused on his recently published translation of William Lethaby's Architecture, Mysticism, and Myth.

Brian Beatty, Ph.D. (bbeatty@nyit.edu), assistant professor of anatomy, has published papers on a group of marine crocodiles known as metriorhynchids, including:

  • "The Cranial Osteology and Feeding Ecology of the Metriorhynchid Crocodylomorph Genera Dakosaurus and Plesiosuchus from the Late Jurassic of Europe," in the journal PLOS ONE. Read more.
  • "Tooth-On-Tooth Interlocking Occlusion Suggests Macrophagy in the Mesozoic Marine Crocodylomorph Dakosaurus," in The Anatomical Record. Read more.

In addition, Beatty has published the paper, "Osteological Associations with Unique Tooth Development in Manatees (Trichechidae, Sirenia): A Detailed Look at Modern Trichechus and a Review of the Fossil Record," in the September issue of The Anatomical Record. For the latest images and data supporting the original publication, view its press page at Digimorph.org.

Susana H. Case, Ph.D. (shcase@nyit.edu), professor and coordinator for behavioral sciences at NYIT- Manhattan, has published poems in Inkwell, the Santa Fe Literary Review, the Saranac Review, and Hawai'i Pacific Review.

Larry Herman (lherman@nyit.edu), associate professor and director of physician assistant admissions and primary care initiatives, gave the Sept. 14 graduation keynote address at Salus University in Philadelphia.

Tobias Holler (tholler@nyit.edu), assistant professor of architecture, and Matthias Altwicker (maltwick@nyit.edu), associate professor and chair of the Department of Architecture, co-authored separate book chapters in Metropolitan Sustainability: Understanding and Improving the Urban Environment. Read more.

In addition, Holler wrote a report about his design-build project in Costa Rica, which was published by the Architectural Research Centers Consortium. Read more.

Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D. (klagrand@nyit.edu), associate professor of English and director of NYIT's technical writing programs, gave the presentation, "Digital Enhancement and the Problem of Benevolence," at the annual Conference on Human Enhancement, Emerging Technology, and Social Challenges, Sept. 10-15 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. His presentation analyzed recent efforts to create an "artificial conscience" in highly advanced artificial intelligence applications to prevent military and other catastrophes.

In addition, Curtis Carbonell, Ph.D. (ccarbo04@nyit.edu), assistant professor of English at NYIT-Bahrain, served as a co-organizer of the above-noted conference and presented a talk on "Transhumanism and Popular Culture."

James Nolt, Ph.D. (jnolt@nyit.edu), associate professor of management and economics at NYIT-Nanjing, presented the Sept. 20 lecture, "The Myth of the Market in Contemporary American Culture," at the NYIT Center for Humanities and Culture. Read more.

Charles Pavia, Ph.D. (cpavia@nyit.edu), associate professor of biomedical sciences, co-wrote a report on clinical images, "Babesiosis in Westchester County, New York," published in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. Download a pdf of the article.

Jeffrey Raven (jraven@nyit.edu), associate professor and director of the Master of Architecture in Urban and Regional Design Program, delivered the lecture, "Sustainable Cities," Sept. 20 at Cambridge University in England.

David Yens, Ph.D. (dyens@nyit.edu), associate professor of family medicine and educational development and assessment for the College of Osteopathic Medicine, co-authored the research paper, "Medical Reconciliation in Patients Discharged from the Emergency Department," published in the August 2012 issue of the Journal of Emergency Medicine.

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