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Feb 10 2014


Robert N. Amundsen, Ph.D. (ramundse@nyit.edu), associate professor and director of NYIT's M.S. in Energy Management program, received certification as a LEED Accredited Professional by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—is a rating system for the design and operation of eco-friendly buildings.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) appointed Babak D. Beheshti, Ph.D. (bbehesht@nyit.edu), associate dean of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, a 2014 board representative for member and geographic activities, an area focused on meeting the needs of members and supporting recruitment and retention strategies. He was also named the new student activities chair for IEEE Region 1 encompassing the Northeast United States.

Cathy Bernard (cbernard@nyit.edu), associate professor of English, published a letter to the editor on Jan. 13 about the Chris Christie bridge scandal in The New York Times. Read more.

Terese Coe (tcoe@nyit.edu), adjunct professor of English, published seven sonnets in the new Canadian anthology, The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. They include one original sonnet, four German-to-English translations of Rainer Maria Rilke's sonnets, and two French-to-English translations of Pierre de Ronsard's sonnets.

The Professional and Development Network in Higher Education elected Francine Glazer, Ph.D. (fglazer@nyit.edu), assistant provost and director of the NYIT Center for Teaching and Learning, to its board of directors. The network comprises more than 1,500 members in 24 countries and is a premiere professional society for faculty development.

Lawrence Herman (lherman@nyit.edu), associate professor and chair of the Department of Physician Assistant (PA) Studies, gave the keynote panel presentation, "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and The Changing Healthcare Marketplace," on Jan. 26 at the annual winter educational meeting of the Association of PAs in Cardiovascular Surgery in Orlando, Fla.

In addition, the Jan. 27 MedPage Today article, "PAs Switch Specialties with Ease," includes quotes by Herman. Read more.


Faculty members in the School of Education hosted 16 Chinese scholars from Xi'an Shiyou University on Jan. 23 at NYIT-Manhattan. Michael Uttendorfer, Ed.D. (muttendo@nyit.edu), dean of the School of Education, conducted the professional development workshop, "Academic Systems in the United States." Shiang-Kwei Wang, Ph.D. (Shiang-Kwei.Wang@nyit.edu), associate professor of instructional technology, and Hui-Yin Hsu, Ph.D. (hhsu02@nyit.edu), associate professor of teacher education, co-presented the workshop, "Finding Grant Resources and Managing Grant Awards." Wang and Hsu also published the paper, "Evolutionary Technology: Using Google Earth, Cyber Databases, and Geotagged Photos to Enhance Students' Scientific Practices and Understanding of Darwin's Theory of Evolution," in the peer-reviewed journal Science Scope.

Faculty members in the Department of Physical Therapy gave presentations at the Combined Sections Meeting hosted by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Feb. 3-6 in Las Vegas. They are:

  • Veronica Southard, D.H.Sc. (vsouthar@nyit.edu), associate professor, and Peter Douris, D.P.T., Ed.D. (pdouris@nyit.edu), professor: poster and platform presentation on their study of the use of resistive exercise in a homecare setting for patients with congestive heart failure and the challenges of doing this type of research. A grant from the Home Health Section of the APTA supported their study. The APTA also inducted Southard as a member of its Nominating Committee of the Section on Geriatrics.
  • Rosemary Gallagher, D.P.T. (rgalla01@nyit.edu), assistant professor: panelist for a presentation on a study conducted by the Parkinson's Disease EDGE Task Force that used standardized outcome measures for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.
  • John Handrakis, D.P.T., Ed.D. (jhandrak@nyit.edu), associate professor: platform presentation on his research done with NYIT physical therapy students on the effects of cold challenges in people with tetraplegia.

New Scientist features the article, "Send Wireless Power Long Range with Lasers and Balloons," about a project by Stephen Blank, Ph.D. (sblank@nyit.edu), professor of electrical and computer engineering. The article outlines his idea for sending hundreds of kilowatts of power over long distances using lasers and military-grade balloons. Read more.

Susana Case, Ph.D. (shcase@nyit.edu), professor and coordinator for behavioral sciences at NYIT-Manhattan, published the poem, "You Were Wondering, Perhaps, About Keith Richards?" It appears in the current issue of Fourteen Hills. She also published four of her photographs in the latest issue of the literary magazine, Petrichor Review, and her photograph, "Woman in Doorway," in the current issue of Apeiron Review.

Terese Coe (tcoe@nyit.edu), adjunct professor of English, published the poem, "Gallery Opening, Greene Street," in the new issue of The Stony Thursday Book, an annual publication of poems out of Limerick, Ireland,

Aydin Farajidavar, Ph.D. (afarajid@nyit.edu), assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, presented his paper, "Smart Architectures for Implantable Wireless Pulse Generators for Gastric Disorder Management: A CPS Approach," Feb. 7 at the 2014 National Workshop on Research Frontiers in Medical Cyber Physical Systems hosted by the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Va. He collaborated on his research with Rahmat Shoureshi, Ph.D. (rahmat.shoureshi@nyit.edu), provost and vice president for academic affairs, and faculty members at Georgia Tech and University of Auckland.

The American College Personnel Association honored Patrick Love (patrick.love@nyit.edu), vice president for student affairs, as a senior scholar for working as an advocate to integrate scholarship into the practice of student affairs.

Kate O'Hara, Ph.D. (kohara@nyit.edu), assistant professor of instructional technology, was quoted in the article, "Private School's Chromebook Program Explains Why Google's Laptops Have Captured Nearly 20% of the Educational Market," on Jan. 28 on TechRepublic.com.

Jungho Park, Ph.D. (jpark10@nyit.edu), assistant professor of mathematics, and Philip Strzelecki, senior mechanical engineering student, presented their paper, "Traveling Waves in Fluid Dynamics," Feb. 6 at NYIT-Old Westbury. The paper, which originated as a project for NYIT's 2013 Symposium on University Research and Creative Expression, investigates the onset of traveling wave solutions and their structures in relation to climate dynamics. It has been accepted for publication by the refereed research journal, Analysis and Applications.

Lisa Runco, Ph.D. (lrunco@nyit.edu), assistant professor of life sciences, co-authored the paper, "Tailoring the Immune Response via Customization of Pathogen Gene Expression," in the peer-reviewed Journal of Pathogens.

Rich Simpson, Ph.D. (rsimps04@nyit.edu), associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, co-presented "Toward a Method for Enhancing Text Entry Rate with Single-Switch Scanning" at the annual conference of the Assistive Technology Industry Association, Jan. 31 in Orlando, Fla. He discussed how his research can be used by clinicians to configure communication devices to maximize communication efficiency.

Ernst O. VanBergeijk, Ph.D. (evanberg@nyit.edu), associate dean and executive director of the NYIT Vocational Independence Program, published two book reviews online on Jan. 31 in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. He reviewed Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey and With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child, Vol. 6, by Keiko Tobe.

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