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Dec 16 2013


Lawrence Herman (lherman@nyit.edu), associate professor and chair of the Department of Physician Assistant (PA) Studies, received a 2013 Outstanding Alumni Award from Stony Brook University's School of Health Technology and Management. Herman, who earned his B.S. from Stony Brook's PA Program in 1993 and is the current president of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, received his award at a Nov. 14 event attended by nearly 250 of the school's faculty and students. He also gave the presentation, "Mega-Trends That Will Dramatically Change Health Care."


Francine Glazer, Ph.D. (fglazer@nyit.edu), assistant provost and director of the NYIT Center for Teaching and Learning, was invited to serve on the executive advisory board of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, which advances the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning in higher education. The association focuses on three core areas: networking and collaboration; research, innovation, and academic publishing; and higher education development and capacity building.

Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D. (klagrand@nyit.edu), associate professor of English and director of technical writing programs at NYIT-Old Westbury, presented the paper, "Ancient Definitions of Personhood and Difficult Social Precedents: The Homunculus, the Golem, and Aristotle," on Dec. 7 at the Personhood Beyond the Human Conference at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. His paper explores examples of ancient androids—the golem and the homunculus—to examine how the West has traditionally defined what it is to be human, and references literature describing these androids as well as Aristotle's Politics to show historical perspectives on this question. Read a paper abstract.

Tom Jacobs, Ph.D. (tjacob02@nyit.edu), assistant professor English, published the article, "Pretty Far from Okay…" in Anamnesis, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of tradition, place, and things divine. The article is about the convergences between Flannery O'Connor's work and Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

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