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Nov 12 2013


NYIT won silver in the W3 Awards honoring excellence on the Web for an NYIT Moments student video about Robert Hammarberg (B.S. '13) produced by the Office of Publications and Advertising. More than 4,000 entries were reviewed in the competition by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals in advertising, marketing, and interactive media from organizations such as Disney, Coach, HBO, MTV, Wired, and Yahoo. View the video.

Jonathan Goldman, Ph.D. (jgoldm03@nyit.edu), assistant professor of English, had his book, Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity, reviewed in the summer 2013 issue (Vol. 36, No. 4) of the Journal of Modern Literature. Reviewer Carey James Mickalites wrote that the book makes "a sophisticated and compelling contribution both to the growing field of celebrity studies and to modernist criticism" and called it "a dazzling performance of energy and enthusiasm balanced with elegant and persuasive close readings."

John Hanc (jhanc@nyit.edu), associate professor of communication arts, published the article, "At Historic Homes, Unearthing a Deeper View of Slavery," on Oct. 27 in the exhibitions/fine arts section of The New York Times. Read more.


Faculty members in the School of Health Professions presented the symposium, "Preparing the Healthcare Workforce: An Academic and Service Partnership Continuing Education Geriatric Program," at the 41st Conference of the State Society on Aging of New York, Oct. 23-25 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Their presentation featured the curriculum, program dynamics, and preliminary results of the NYIT Department of Nursing's gerontology grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. Participants included:

Nada Anid, Ph.D. (nanid@nyit.edu), dean of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, attended the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in San Francisco, where she was a panelist on the topic of "Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation: Bringing Together Industry, Academia, and Government." She also co-chaired a session on "Green Engineering and Sustainability in the Collegiate Curriculum" and made introductory remarks at the Third Annual World Congress on Sustainable Engineering. Anid holds leadership positions on the Managing Board of the AIChE Institute for Sustainability, the AIChE International Committee, and the International Society for Water Solutions. She is also a sustainability area section chair and an ABET program evaluator on behalf of AIChE and the Engineering Accreditation Commission.

Eduard I. Dedkov, M.D., Ph.D. (ededkov@nyit.edu), assistant professor of biomedical sciences, published the article, "Structural Composition of Myocardial Infarction Scar in Middle-Aged Male and Female Rats: Does Sex Matter?" It appears in the November 2013 issue of the Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry. One of his co-authors is Yevgen Bogatyryov, an NYIT student majoring in life sciences. Read an abstract.

Bhuall Nandkumar, Ph.D. (bnandkum@nyit.edu), professor of life sciences, has been invited to present his position paper, "Integration Using STEM—Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with Special Reference to Inquiry; Hands-on Learning; and Project-based Learning for the 21st Century," at the Caribbean Science Foundation's workshop (in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Guyana), Dec. 2-3 in Georgetown, Guyana. The workshop's main focus is to share work of the Caribbean Science Foundation and Guyana's Ministry of Education to promote STEM education. The work of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences and its linkages to other Academies of Sciences will be presented.

Susan Neville, Ph.D., R.N. (sneville@nyit.edu), professor and chair of the Department of Nursing, co-presented the project, "Health Checks: An Innovative Grass Roots Community Health Action Plan to Build Capacity and Impact Community-driven Outcomes," at the American Public Health Association Meeting and Exposition, Nov. 5 in Boston. The project is an outcome of her collaboration on an interdisciplinary initiative funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Leadership Academy for the Public Health. Read more.

Oren Shtayermman, Ph.D. (oshtayer@nyit.edu), assistant professor of counseling, had his forward published in the book, Out of Mind - Out of Sight: Parenting with a Partner with Asperger Syndrome, by Kathy Marshack.

A LinkedIn series on assessing institutions for students with disabilities features an article by Ernst VanBergeijk, Ph.D. (evanberg@nyit.edu), associate dean and executive director of the NYIT Vocational Independence Program. The article, "Assessing an Institution for Students with Hearing Impairments," was originally published on i-studentglobal.com.

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