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Jul 17 2014

Medical Students Transition from Classroom to Clinic

Jul 15 2014

NYIT Awards Research Grants

Jul 15 2014

NYIT’s M.S. in Instructional Technology Approved in Abu Dhabi

Jul 10 2014

NYIT Names Executive Director for Abu Dhabi Campus

Jul 10 2014

NYIT Researcher Continues Discoveries of Links Between Thyroid Hormones and Heart Health

Jul 23 2014

NYIT New Student Orientation Day 2!

Jul 25 2014

NYITCOM Campus Tour

Jul 25 2014

Émigré Physicians Program (EPP) Application Day

Jul 27 2014

Abu Dhabi Campus to Close for Eid Al Fitr

Jul 29 2014

Graduate Tuesdays

School of Engineering and Computing Sciences News
Jan 23 2014

LARSS Summer Internship Accepting Applications

The National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) is invites students who meet eligibility requirements to apply for the prestigious NASA Langley Aerospace Research Student Scholars (LARSS) paid summer internship program, located in Hampton, VIrginia. The application deadline for this exciting opportunity is Saturday, Fabruary 1, 2014.

All majors are accepted! The LARSS program hosts over 200 interns annually, is NASA's most prestigious and successful student research program. Eligible applicants will be U.S. citizens, full time students at an accredited U.S. college or university, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and will be classified as a rising undergraduate junior, senior, or graduate student by the start of the program. 

Designed to bridge the gap between academic concepts and real-world experience, LARSS creates opportunities for students to come to the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) to conduct hands-on research and engineering projects under the mentorship of NASA researchers, scientists, and business professionals. The 2014 summer session is a 10 week program from June 2-August 8, and participants receive a stipend based on their academic standing ranging from $5,000-$6,000.

For all LARSS inquiries, please contact Debbie Murray, LARSS Program Coordinator ( or Sarah Pauls, LARSS Program Assistant (, and visit the official LARSS website to apply.

Jan 21 2014

NYIT Offering Prep Course for the Certified Energy Manager Exam

The NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences and the Long Island Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers will provide a five-day preparation course for the Certified Energy Manager Exam, Monday, March 17 to Friday, March 21, 2014, from 8:00am-5:00pm at the Old Westbury campus. The prep course is open to faculty members, students, and professionals in the fields of engineering, management, and architecture. 

The registration deadline for the course and exam is Wednesday, February 12. Discounted cost is $1,695. To register:

  • Download an application (PDF).

  • Read a bio of prep course instructor Barry Benator.

  • For more information, email Robert Amundsen, Ph.D., at

Mail the completed application form and a check made payable to the Assn. of Energy Engineers, LI Chapter, to:

Dr. Robert Amundsen
NYIT, Schure Hall, Room 116
Northern Boulevard
Old Westbury, NY 11568

Jan 08 2014

Members of NYIT’s Society of Women Engineers Reach Out to Local Middleschoolers

During the Fall 2013 semester, SWE members Michelle Messenger (also the club's president in Old Westbury) and Adrianna Maldonado initiated a new outreach program for 6th graders in the New York metropolitan area. Inspired by NYIT's partnership with Citizen Schools, Messenger and Maldonado volunteered weekly at the Renaissance School of the Arts in Harlem for a period of ten weeks, during which they taught a group of middleschoolers an apprenticeship course for robotics and programming. At the end of the 10 week program, the sixth-grade students were able to make their robots successfully complete a maze course using sensors.

On her decision to reach out to these students, Messenger said, "all middle school students have the potential to discover a love of learning that will inspire and prepare them to succeed in high school, college, the workforce and civic life, but without enough relevant learning activities and involved adults, too many kids are dropping out." She found her volunteer work fulfilling, and claimed, "the students' transformation and growth was incredible and amazing to watch."

Messenger and Maldonado have plans to continue their efforts into the Spring 2014 semester, when they will return to the Renaissance School of the Arts to teach Generation Technology. This new course will teach students the basics of electricity, and give them the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering.

Dec 17 2013

Cybersecurity Internships Available at the Department of Homeland Security

As part of the Secretary's Honors Program (SHP), the Department of Homeland Security is launching its Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative for college students. Through the program, more than 100 unpaid student volunteer assignments will be available to support the DHS' cyber mission at local DHS offices in over 60 locations across the country. 

Through the program, student volunteers will gain invaluable hands-on experience and exposure to the cybersecurity work performed by DHS cybersecurity professionals. The initiative is specifically designed for current college students pursuing a program of study in a cybersecurity-related field. Participants will perform a broad range of duties in support of the DHS' mission, om areas ranging from cyber threat analysis to digital forensics to network diagnostics and incident response. Student volunteers will begin in spring 2014 and participate throughout the summer. 

The SHP Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative is a highly competitive program created to attract top talent to DHS, and is part of the Department’s efforts to address recommendations from the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Task Force on CyberSkills.  DHS also partners with other government agencies and the private sector on a variety of initiatives to support cyber education. 


Learn more about and apply for the SHP Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative here

Dec 10 2013

Senior Design Project and Thesis/M.S. Project Presentation Schedule

School of Engineering and Computing Sciences Senior Design Projects and Thesis/MS Project Presentations, Tuesday, December 10 – Thursday, December 19, 2013


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

INCS 870, Project 1 with Dr. Balagani, in room B14 in HSH, 1:00-3:00pm

EENG 870 W01, Design Project 1 with Dr. Blank, in room B14 in HSH, 3:00-5:00pm

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MENG 470, Senior Mechanical Engineering Design with Dr. Ma, in room B15 in HSH, 10:00am-12:00pm

ENVT 802, Design Project with Sarah Meyland, in HSH room 118, 4:00-6:00pm
Students will present the following projects:
  1. “Environmental Impact of Geothermal Systems on Long Island’s Aquifers” by Pablo Rodriguez
EENG 489, Design Project with Dr. Farajidavar, in room B14 in HSH, 1:00-3:00pm
Students will present the following projects:
  1. Mennea, Iuliucci, Ji, Zhao: “A Smart Pill Box”
  2. Catacchio, Mao, Yu: “Voice Activated Smart Living”
  3. Alvarez, Sampson, Yang, Wu: “3D Magnetic Tracking”
  4. Arce, Jing, Zhang: “Android Remote Control Car”
  5. Liu, Pe Aguirre, Wang: “Activity Measurement and Sleeplessness Prevention from Parkinson’s Disease”
EENG 489 and 491, Design Project with Dr. Billis, Dr. Dong, and Dr. Park, in EGGC 601, 10:30am-5:00pm

Thursday, December 12, 2013

EENG 489, Design Project with Dr. Zhang, in room B14 in HSH, 1:00-3:00pm
Students will present the following projects:
  1. Driver Safety – Alexander Myrah, Chinyere Udoh, Zhen Zhen Song, Xiaotian Xu
  2. Drowsiness Detection: Eye Detection – Fabio Casagrande, Thomas Marzec, Jinyi Wang
  3. Drowsiness Detection: Sensor – Matthew Wolfe, Denzel McGue, Yiying Ma
  4. Wireless ECG – Linzhe Li, Tian Tian, Runze Dong
  5. SAW Sensor Driver – Lening Wang, Yin Xu, Saide Zhu
ENVT 802, Senior Project with Dr. Stanley Greenwald and Albert Machlin
Students will present the following projects:
  1. “Desalinization of Sea Water Using a Solar Power Generation System in Haiti” by Augustin Bentchico
  2. “Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) and Methane Capture Opportunities in NYC Wastewater” by Geysa L. Gonzalez
  3. “Design of a Solar Updraft Facility in Desert Locations” by Jason Jackson
  4. “Air Pollution Reduction in Tehran” by Ghazal Oshaghi
  5. “Design of an MSW Plant for Manhila, Phillipines” by Raymond Padilla

Saturday, December 14, 2013

ENGY 890, Terminal Project with Dr. Amundsen, in Theobald Hall 409, 10:00am-12:00pm
Students will present the following projects:
  1. Ahmed, Kasabi, “Fuel Management Systems at Fueling Stations”
  2. Blanchet, Bernard, “Concentrated Solar Power in Haiti”
  3. Brempos, Michael , “Wind Power in Greece”
  4. DeMarco, Alicia, “Underground vs. Overhead Electric Systems”
  5. Enow, Jerome, “Hybrid Solar and Wind Power in Tiko-Cameroon”
  6. Givens, William, “Reclaimed Urban Space for Wind Farms”
  7. Hedels, Meagan, “Micro-Grids for Next Generation Power Systems”
  8. Johnson, Nathaniel, “Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles”
  9. Kaminski, Christoper, “Climate, Weather, and Resilience in the Energy Industry”
  10. Majmundar, Jingesh, “Offshore Wind Power”
  11. McGowan, Maura, “Coastal Renewable Energy Projects in the Great Lakes Region”
  12. Robinson, Carson, “Bloom Box Fuel Cell Technology”
  13. Ryder, Vito, “Carbon Disclosure and Green Rating Systems”
  14. Tedesco, Bryan, “Energy Performance Contracts”
  15. Uddin, Julia, “Feed-In Tariffs for Solar Energy”

Monday, December 16, 2013

ETEC 495, Seminar Project with Dr. Pavlidis, in EGGC 801, 3:00-5:00pm
Students will present on the following projects:
  1. Spycam – Bhakri, Vijay, Chan-Foxworth, Jason J., and Flores, Alvin
  2. Voice Activated Car – Zebin, Rabeya
  3. Securi-Max – Forbes, Anthony
  4. Jager – Tsang, Patrick
  5. USB Thumb Drive Monitor – Muwwakkil, Saleem

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CSCI 870, Project 1 with Dr. Beheshti, in HSH 227 and EGGC 702, 10:00am-12:00pm
Students will present the following projects:
  1. Jadhav, Chetan, “Privacy-Preserved Self-Diagnosis Android Application”
  2. Jeewani, Devesh, “Study and Implementation of Drupal
  3. Kota, Shashikanth, “Cloud Database which Provides Access to Multiple Databases Through a Well-Designed User-Interface (Framework in Flex)”
  4. Ramdass, Shiv, “Database Based on a Parts Distribution System”
  5. Shivegowa, Sachin, “App Used as an Alternative Employee for the Business with 100% Availability and Reliability”
  6. Singh, Devinder, “Data Center Secured Network”
  7. Thatigutla, Naveen Reddy, “Ask an Expert: a Web-Based Application Helping Associates by Allowing them to Post Questions and Expect Answers from Co-Associates”
  8. Ucan, Sanem, “Privacy-Preserved Self-Diagnosis Android Application.”

Wednesay, December 18, 2013

CSCI 455, Senior Project with Maherukh Akhtar, in EGGC 903, 10:00am-12:00pm

Thursday, December 19, 2013

EENG 870, Design Project 1 with Dr. Jafari, in room 005/MC26, 10:00am-12:00pm
Students with present the following projects:
  1. Hao Gu, “Pedometer”
  2. Fangzhou Ma, “Color Recognition System”
  3. Lu Wang, “PV Power Generation in Micro-Grid”
  4. Han Xiao, “Distance Measurement with Ultrasonic Sensor and Single Chip Microcomputer”
  5. Su Ying, “Alcohol Detection and Accident Avoidance System”
  6. Mengtong Zhang, “Intelligent Fire Alarm System”
  7. Qing Zhu, “Pedometer”
CSCI 870, Project 1 with Dr. Jafari, in Room 005/MC26, 12:00-4:00pm
Students will present the following projects:
  1. Ricardo Cabret, “Legal Services Database Management System”
  2. Vishnu Chand Gowli, “PI Computation Using Monte Carlo Simulation and a Parallel Approach”
  3. Robert Concepcion, “HTML5 Interactive Multimedia Fame API”
  4. Sandeepkumar Desai, “Call Management System”
  5. Majed Hakami, “DoS Detection in Mobile ad hoc  Networks (MANET)”
  6. Jinsung Lee, “NYIT Year Book System”
  7. Sangmin Lee, “Legal Services Management System”
  8. Shruti Panchal, “Voice Sense Mobile Application”
  9. Smita Paraswale, “Corporate Test Evaluation System”
  10. Krina Parikh, “Dashboard Analysis”
  11. Priyanka Paritala, “Strategic Supply Chain Management System”
  12. Panagiotis Sdonas, “Registration System”
  13. Tejasbhai Shah, “Medical Practice Management”
  14. Przemyslaw Trowski, “Accessible Web File System”
  15. Sri Ramya Vellanki, “Hospital Healthcare System”

Dec 02 2013

NASA seeks Student Teams to Stimulate Human Exploration of Other Worlds

NASA is tapping student teams to stimulate human exploration of other worlds by debuting a new engineering design challenge. The NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge is a more complex follow-on to the successful NASA Great Moonbuggy Race, and will engage students worldwide in the next phase of human space exploration.

The competition is open to high school and college students and challenges them to create a vehicle designed to traverse the stimulated surface of another world. Registration closes January 10 for international teams, and February 7 for U.S. teams. Designed with NASA's committment to sending humans to Mars by 2030 in mind, the results of the competition will contribute to the design process for NASA's future exploration goals. The student teams will be timed, ranked, and scored based on design, safety, and how well their vehicles traverse the set course. 

For more information about the NASA Exploration Challenge, visit:

And for additional information on NASA's education programs, see:

Nov 18 2013

Citizen Schools’ 6th Graders to Showcase Engineering Skills

NYIT has recently teamed up with Citizen Schools and the Renaissance School of Arts in Harlem to provide two after-school apprenticeships for students at the underserved middle school. The apprenticeships are focused on Carbon Footprint Reduction, and Lego Robotics. The participating students are coming to NYIT in Manhattan to showcase their hard work and accomplishments this semester. Come show your support for these future engineers at their WOW! Presentation on MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, at the 11th floor of 16 West 61st Street, from 4:00-6:00pm. All NYIT students, staff, and faculty are welcome, and encouraged to attend!


Citizen Schools New York is an organization that partners with underserved middle schools to expand the learning day. By drawing more citizens into NY schools, the non-profit promotes student achievement, transforms schools, and re-imagines education. Citizen Schools opens up pathways to student success through fostering relationships with companies, non-profits, foundations, individuals, and schools.

Nov 08 2013

U.S. EPA Research Funding Opportunity - Student Competition in Sustainability

We are excited to announce that students can submit applications for the EPA's People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Program for the 2014-2015 school year.

The deadline for applications is TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17th, 11:59pm EASTERN TIME.

EPA offers annual research grants to U.S. colleges and universities to engage students in projects to solve our world's most serious environmental challenges. Through EPA's P3 Program, students work in teams to design sustainability solutions and compete for more funding to take their ideas from the lab to the real world.

In its 10th year, EPA's P3 program fosters team-based learning, interdisciplinary effort and class-to-real-world experience. Take this opportunity for the 2014-15 school year to excite your students about making a difference in the world today. Hear from past students about their experience with the program: Students Talk about EPA's P3 Program

Find the official Request for Applications and instructions on how to apply here: 11th Annual P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability

For general program information, visit:

Please help us spread the word about this great opportunity!

The P3 Team at
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460

Oct 16 2013

Two Degree Programs Receive ABET Accreditation

New York, N.Y. and Old Westbury, N.Y., October 16, 2013 – Two undergraduate degree programs offered by NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences -- Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering -- have received reaccreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that accredits college and university programs in the disciplines of applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology.
ABET accredits over 3,100 programs at more than 670 colleges and universities in 24 countries. ABET provides specialized, programmatic accreditation that evaluates an individual program of study, rather than evaluating an institution as a whole. ABET accreditation, which is voluntary and achieved through a peer review process, provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established by the profession for which the program prepares its students. ABET is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Oct 01 2013

Getting the “Best” Graduates for Business

On Sept. 24, Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D., Dean of NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, participated in a panel with deans from three other universities focused on helping employers find the best graduates for their hiring needs.

Nearly 150 people were in attendance as the panel participants discussed the connections –and disconnections – between higher education and the Long Island business community. Other panel participants included Patricia Salkin, Dean, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, Touro College; Dr. Yacov Shamash, Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Stony Brook University; and Dr. Patrick Socci, Dean, Frank Zarb School of Business, Hofstra University.

Each dean discussed their latest programs; Dean Anid highlighted NYIT’s Cyber Security programs and concentrations;  a new pilot program to help engineering undergraduates follow an entrepreneurship path to equip them for success in bringing their ideas to market; as well as the changing engineering landscape at NYIT through the transformative Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center (ETIC).

Panelists agreed that despite great progress, more has to be done to bridge the gap between technology companies and students to supplement the knowledge and coursework needed to secure jobs once they graduate, and importantly, to attract and retain students on Long Island through internships, mentoring, and other related programs.    

The panel was sponsored by LISTnet (Long Island Software and Technology Network) and its Committee on Business Excellence Strategies and Trends (BEST).

Sep 17 2013

Rep. Israel Announces Federal Grant for NYIT to Develop New Multidisciplinary Minor

Congressman Steve Israel (D-Huntington) announced that the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) will receive $60,000 from the National Science Foundation’s Division for Undergraduate Education. This funding will be used to develop a multidisciplinary, multi-campus program minor in “energy, science, technology, and policy” through a unique regional partnership of public and private colleges.

Rep. Israel said, “Undergraduate education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is essential for the future competitiveness of Long Island. This funding creates a program that incorporates several local universities and aims to educate traditionally underrepresented student populations in fields with tremendous growth potential. I commend NYIT on this thoughtful and innovative educational program that will give our young people the tools they need to succeed.”

Nada M. Anid, Dean of NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, said, “We want to thank the Congressman for supporting this initiative from its inception. He understands the need for Long Island to work collaboratively across its public and private academic institutions on energy and resiliency which will serve our students well when we establish readiness programs in preparation for future storms and power outages.”

The National Science Foundation’s funding is used to build research foundations, develop the U.S. workforce and broaden participation in these essential fields. The agency is the major source of federal funding for STEM education.

Sep 11 2013

SoECS Entrepreneurship Seminar Series- Session 2

Please join us on September 12th, from 12:45pm to 2:10pm for the second seminar session on Entrepreneurship open to all NYIT students, to be held simultaneously on both the Manhattan and Old Westbury Campus.

The School of Engineering and Computing Sciences is opening the door for all NYIT students to learn about what it takes to become an Entrepreneur. With support from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA), the school is launching its “Entrepreneurship Path for Undergraduate Students: Turning Ideas into Companies” program, which provides students with the skills, tools and road map to successfully translate their ideas and research into commercially valuable innovations and/or companies.

The program on the 12th includes a presentation from Mr. Moses, an entrepreneur and the Co-founder and CEO of Seelio. His presentation will cover how to take an idea and turn it into a start up including information about the innovation process and strategic management.

Please note: that there was a room change: In Manhattan, the event will be held in room 701 of the Edward Guiliano Global Center. In Old Westbury the event will be hosted in room DL1 of Harry Schure Hall.

Sep 04 2013

SoECS Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

<b>Become an Entrepreneur and Learn How to Turn your Ideas into a Valuable Innovation and/or Company.</b>
Please join us on September 5th, from 12:45pm to 2:10pm for the first seminar session on Entrepreneurship open to all NYIT students, to be held simultaneously in the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway on the Manhattan Campus and Room 130 in Harry Schure Hall on the Old Westbury Campus via a live web stream.
The School of Engineering and Computing Sciences is teaming up with the School of Management and opening the door for all NYIT students to learn about what it takes to become an Entrepreneur.  With support from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA), the school is launching its “Entrepreneurship Path for Undergraduate Students: Turning Ideas into Companies” program, which provides students with the skills, tools and road map to successfully translate their ideas and research into commercially valuable innovations and/or companies.

As part of this program, the School is offering a series of seminars that will bring speakers from industry to talk about how to create your own start-up,  gain a competitive edge over the competition, how to protect your invention and more.   Check the Calendar for an update on the second session which will be held on September 12th!

Jul 01 2013

Keeping it Together with Shaun Mooney, School of Engineering and Computing Sciences Alumni

In 1984, Shaun Mooney (B.S. ’95, M.S. ’04) enlisted in the U.S. Marines out of a desire to emulate John Wayne. After serving a four-year tour, he was reactivated in 1991 to support U.S. troops during Operation: Desert Storm.

Today, Mooney is helping safeguard something that impacts every person with a smartphone, laptop, or other communications device in the entire northeast United States. As property manager for Colliers International, he oversees the energy management processes and operations at 60 Hudson Street in downtown Manhattan. Once known as the Western Union Building and home to that company’s vast underground telegraph network from 1930 to 1973, this fiber-optic anchorage houses the infrastructure that helps fuel the digital lines of communication among financial centers, government agencies, and individuals worldwide. More than 100 telecom companies are housed within the carrier hotel, including Level 3 Communications, Sirius Telecom, Verizon, Sprint, Global Crossing, and many other carriers. If the Internet had a home address in the Northeast, this would be the place.

“This is the biggest telecommunications hub in the entire world,” says Mooney. He estimates that the facilities at 60 Hudson process an estimated two billion text messages, emails, phone calls, and other communications per hour, an exponential increase over the two million messages sent daily during the Western Union days. Back then, pneumatic tubes connecting parts of New York City carried written messages inside capsules propelled by compressed air, traveling as fast as 35 miles per hour. (Text messaging, one could say, in its earliest days.)

The current telecommunications powerhouse at 60 Hudson is one of four in the United States, joining similar hubs in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. “These four sites are really the core of the entire country,” Mooney says, referring to the digital communications backbone of the United States. “There are companies within a mile of Manhattan that have tried to re-create this but failed financially.”

Managing the building’s infrastructure and energy systems is a key component to ensuring that 60 Hudson runs smoothly. Mooney’s day-to-day operations include conducting energy and telecom audits, tenant relations, and managing capital projects for building modifications, security upgrades, and cooling tower and generator installations, among other tasks.

Courtesy of NYIT Magazine

Jun 10 2013

Save the Date: Free Electric Vehicle Workshop at NYIT

The Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority are co-hosting a free workshop on electric vehicle supply equipment on Tuesday, June 18 at NYIT-Old Westbury. The half-day workshop from 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. will take place in Salten Hall. Registration is required to attend. Read more.

May 28 2013

New Members Join Dean’s Executive Advisory Board

Additional experts with vast experience in engineering and software design have joined the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences’ (SoECS) Dean’s Executive Advisory Board (D-EAB), whose mission is to help the School in preparing NYIT students for the technological and engineering challenges of the 21st century.

The Executive Board is comprised of prominent NYIT alumni and other industry leaders who serve as successful role models, willing to touch and enrich the lives of NYIT engineering students. Since its formation in 2010, the Board has been working to strengthen the SoECS’ academic offerings, help to grow and retain the engineering talent base in the New York metropolitan area, support faculty research projects, and expand NYIT’s industry-academic partnerships through the launch of a new Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center (ETIC).

The newest members to join the D-EAB are: Mitchell Maiman, President of IPS, who has more than 30 years of experience in successful product development; Thomas Van Laan, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the area of engineering software who earned an M.B.A. degree from NYIT in 1984; and Connie Smallwood, vice president for Innovation and University Programs, and Mark Combs, distinguished senior vice president, both from CA Technologies.

For a full listing of the D-EAB members, read more

“The D-EAB is an intrinsic part of the School's Vision and is the guiding and counseling body of its operation, strategic directions and priorities. As a student-centered university, we value the Board members' input and participation,” said Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D., Dean of SoECS.  On an ongoing basis, the Board is committed to helping NYIT with its ETIC project and is pledging programmatic, technical, in-kind and equipment support, Anid added.


May 13 2013

Senior Design Project and Thesis/ MS Project Presentation Schedules

School of Engineering and Computing Sciences
Senior Design Projects and Thesis/MS Projects Presentations
Monday, May 6, 2013 – Friday, May 17, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

5:45 p.m. Energy Management Thesis, Practicum or Research Presentations
Old Westbury: Theobald Hall, Room 409

Students will present the following projects:
1.    Mr. James E. Christman
Wind Turbine Operations on Long Island
2.    Mr. Larry R. Corrales
Combined Cycle Power Plants in Ecuador
3.    Mr. George V. Germano
Solar Carports and Electric Vehicle Charging
4.    Mr. Hemanth Mathew
Local Laws for Energy Efficiency in New York City

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5:45 p.m. Energy Management Thesis, Practicum or Research Presentations
Manhattan: MC61, Room 722

Students will present the following projects:
1.    Ms. Cinla Atasoy
Carbon Trading: Past, Present and Future
2.    Mr. Vivin M. Cyriac
Smart Home Technology
3.    Mr. Anthony Kargas
Natural Gas Vehicles
4.    Mr. Gouhar I. Khanzada
Energy Efficiency in Life Safety Equipment
5.    Ms. Tatiana Londono Marulanda
Affordable Off-Grid Housing
6.    Ms. Nitta Monteiro
Feasibility of Cogeneration in an Existing Multifamily Building
7.    Mr. Steven Sannuto
Smart Grid Technology
8.    Mr. Glidden Santiago
Thorium Nuclear Reactors
9.    Ms. Isha R. Savjani
Solar Energy Technology

10:00 a.m. Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Design Project (EENG-491 and EENG-489) Presentations and  Demonstrations
Manhattan campus: EGGC, Room 601

Students will present the following projects:
1.    Ball on Plate Balancing System (Team: Daylight Harvest)
2.    Object-tracking Autonomous Quad Copter  (Team: Genesis)
3.    Motorized Walker for Patients with Parkinson Disease (Team: Merlin's Beard)
4.    Robotic Hand (Team: Silicon Neuron)
5.    Wireless-controlled All-terrain Robot (Team: Spark)
6.    Sample Collecting All-Terrain Robotic Arm (Team: Tesla) (EENG-489)
7.    Stair-climbing Robot (Team: EVO) (EENG-489)
8.    Stair-climbing Robot  (Team: Ohm^2) (EENG-489)
9.    Navigational Assistive Device for the Visually Impaired (Team:  Columbus)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

4:00 p.m. Environmental Technology (ENVT-802-M01) Audit or Oral Thesis Presentations
Old Westbury: Anna Rubin Hall, Room 308

Thursday, May 9, 2013

4:00 p.m. Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (ETEC-495-M01) Seminar Project: Final Demonstrations and Project Presentations
Manhattan campus: EGCC, Room 801

Students will present the following projects:
1.    Infrared Communications
2.    Microcontroller Based Temperature Monitor and Control
3.    Bluetooth Communication and Control

4:00 p.m. Environmental Technology (ENVT-802-M01) Audit or Oral Thesis Presentations
Manhattan campus: MC61, Room 313

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 a.m. Computer Science, Information, Network & Computer Security (CSCI/INCS 870-W01)
Final Project Presentations
Old Westbury: Harry Schure Hall

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10:00 a.m. Electrical and Computer Engineering (EENG-491-M02) Senior Design Project: Presentations and Demonstrations
Manhattan: EGGC, Room 701

10:00 a.m. Computer Science, Information, Network & Computer Security (CSCI/INCS  -870-M01) Final Project Presentations
Manhattan: EGGC, Room 801

3:00 p.m. Computer Science Design Projects (CSCI-455-M01) Presentations and Demonstrations
Manhattan: EGGC, Room 801

Thursday, May 16, 2013

5:45 p.m. Mechanical Engineering (MENG-470-W01) Senior Design Project Presentations
Old Westbury: Harry Schure Hall

Friday, May 17, 2013

10:00 a.m. Electrical and Computer Engineering (EENG-491-W01) Senior Design Project: Presentations and Demonstrations
Old Westbury: Harry Schure Hall, Room B14

1.    Smart Suit: An All-In-One Heart, Strain, And Movement Measurement Suit
2.    Design And Optimization of a 2-Coil Power Transmission Based On Resonant Coupling
3.    Harvesting Energy From Stomach Acids

3:00 p.m. Computer Science (CSCI-455-W01) Senior Project: Final Demonstrations and Project Presentations
Old Westbury: Harry Schure Hall, Room 220

3:00 p.m. Electrical and Computer Engineering (EENG-491-W02) Senior Design Project: Presentations and
Old Westbury: Harry Schure Hall, Room B14

To download the schedule please click the link below



Apr 29 2013

Students Host SAE Car Show at NYIT

NYIT students at car show

Students in the Society of Automotive Engineers (pictured above) held the NYIT chapter's first car show on April 27 at the Old Westbury campus. The show drew nearly 200 attendees with 30 vehicles on display, including an electric Tesla car driven by astronaut Greg Olsen (pictured below). Students donated $311 in event proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization dedicated to providing resources for and raising awareness of the needs of wounded U.S. veterans and service members.

"This event was a great opportunity for the NYIT community to gather together with a common interest to share stories and network while also giving back to a great cause and charity," says Anthony Reyes, president of NYIT's SAE chapter.

astronaut at car show

Pictured (left to right): Nada Anid, dean of the NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences; Ludmilla Amani, associate professor of telecommunications and electrical engineering technology; and astronaut Greg Olsen.

Apr 15 2013

Microsoft Facility Visit: May 21, 2013

After a successful App Development workshop at Manhattan campus (Old Wesetbury is still pending and will happen soon), Microsoft has invited students to visit their Manhattan office for a 1-day tour where you will meet with the staff and assist in development of more apps.

They have scheduled a tour for Tuesday, May 21, at 10 a.m. until the end of business day. Please go to the doodle polling site and let me know by Thursday, April 18 if you are able to attend it:

This is a good opportunity for you. Please try to make every effort to attend it and let me know if you have any questions.

Maherukh Akhtar
Advisor, CS / ECE / INCS
New York Institute of Technology

Feb 22 2013

Research Experience for Undergraduates

May 28 – July 30, 2014
Manhattan Campus

Applications Due

February 28

Apply Now

Are You Interested In A Paid Summer Research Internship AT NYIT?

The NYIT REU Program will provide opportunities for 10 motivated and talented undergraduate students to collaborate with NYIT faculty and graduate students in research on methods of securing smartphones and their networks using both hardware and software approaches (women and minority students are strongly encouraged to apply).

Undergraduates will gain hands-on research experiences in simulating the spread of malware on smartphones, implementing cryptographic algorithms and authentication schemes for smartphones, studying topology control of wireless networks, geolocating smartphones, detecting physical attack on a network of smartphones, and developing privacy-protected medical sensing methods using smartphones.

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