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Nov 18 2013
Opportunity for Seniors - Soft Materials Robotics Graduate Fellowship

Tufts University invites seniors planning to pursue graduate study in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, or any of the Engineering disciplines to look into its new NSF-funded graduate program in Soft Material Robotics. This exciting new field offers scholars and researchers the opportunity to pioneer a new, interdisciplinary field of science that has immense potential for improving our daily lives. Tufts recently received an Integrative Graduate Education (IGERT) grant to fund this new program, and is offering Traineeships for talented applicants. 


Applications are due by DECEMBER 15, 2013.


For more information on this topic of study and how to apply, please visit Tufts' Soft Material Robotics IGERT website, or get in touch with Julia Poirier, Program Coordinator, at (617) 627-8739. 

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