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Nov 18 2013
Engineering World Health Summer Institute is accepting applications for summer 2014

The EWH Summer Institute is a two-month program where engineers live in a developing country with a local family, learn a new language, and use newly-acquired technical skills to improve healthcare in the community. This year's programs will take place in Nicaragua, Tanzania, anad Rwanda. 


Accepted students will receive  one-month of language training, as well as the chance to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to work  in a hospital in the developing world. Participants will also spend one month helping the local population by providing much needed medical aid and expertise--this is your chance to really make a difference in the world!


To learn more about the program, please see the EWH website, or attend one of the upcoming information sessions: 

Thursday, November 21, 5pm EDT

Tuesday, Devember 17, 12pm EDT

Friday, January 31, 5pm EDT

Click here to register!  Or email questions to


Applications are due FRIDAY, FEBRARY 7, 2014.

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