11.13.2012 Seamless Mansion Style Wedding

Hi Gabrielle, Mike and I would like to send you, Eric, Damien, and the entire De Seversky staff a huge THANK YOU!!!!! The wedding was amazing! It was more than we could have hoped for and we have heard nothing but great things!!! Everyone loved the "mansion style" design and that they could move from room to room. Your staff was incredible and everything happened so seamlessly. The food was excellent, not that I got to eat that much, I tried, but everyone was raving and your bartenders know how to pour a drink!! Although the guests were thrilled at the wedding, I don't think they were so happy the next day (oh well, sign of a good party!). Can we discuss the fire pits??? I wanted fire pits but thought it wasn't an option, when we showed up and we saw them, I was thrilled!!! Was that just for us, or is that a new mansion addition? I'm assuming it is a new mansion addition! People loved it!!! Everything was spectacular and we can't thank you enough!! It has been such a pleasure to work with you!!! Thanks for all your help this year!! Best, Joanne