8.11.2012 Seamless European Style Wedding

Hi Gabrielle, I apologize for the delay of my response, but we just got back to the States this morning. We had an absolutely amazing wedding day, largely because of you, the de Seversky staff and the venue itself. We are still getting compliments on the venue and the food. All of our guests had an amazing time. Andrew and I are so happy that we were able to celebrate our special day in such a beautiful setting. On behalf of both of us, we'd like to thank you for answering all of our questions along the way, providing advice on vendors and reception details and for being so flexible. You truly helped make the planning process as stress free as possible. We'd also like to thank Damion and the entire staff. It was comforting to know that there were so many people looking out for not only us as the bride and groom, but all of our guests and ensuring that they had a wonderful time. Also, everyone helped make the European reception seamless and a unique experience for all of us. We would certainly recommend the European style to other couples looking at the mansion. I wasn't sure how the evening would feel with only ~110 guests, but it was an amazing experience to utilize the full venue. Lastly, we'd like to thank everyone for setting up the rooms so quickly after the prior event. We were uncertain when we initially arrived how smooth the transition would be, but the whole venue looked gorgeous for the arrival of our guests. Best of luck with your upcoming events and thank you, again. Best, Lauren & Andrew