6.07.2013 Gatsby European Style Wedding

Hi Gabrielle! I just wanted to extend a HUGE thanks to you, Eric, Damian and everyone at the de Seversky for making the wedding such a wonderful experience. You were so great during the planning phase and everyone that night was just so on top of everything. It's so true when everyone says it goes by so fast. Ismail and I want to do the night over but just be guests next time :) Damian was extra helpful to remind us to keep enjoying ourselves even when our shuttle driver was being a pain to some guests. It was also really great to see you and Eric at the doors of the ballroom before we walked into the room. It was reassuring to see you 2 there. All of our guests keep saying it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Thank you to everyone for making such a night possible. I'll be posting reviews for sure! Thank you thank you! Kaitlin