4.02.2012 Exquisite Wedding

Dear Gabrielle, Everyone we dealt with was professional , warm and truly cared about making Joy and Dave's wedding perfect, and you totally succeeded! Ytala, you, Eric and the entire serving staff were delightful to work with, and true professionals. My entire family love, love, loves Roger and Damien. They gave 110% to every detail, every minute of our affair. Nothing was too much. They thought of things that we didn't, to make every aspect of Joy and Dave's wedding beyond our expectations. Beside the fact that they are true professionals,and very attentive to every detail, they are loving, caring individuals who let us know with a smile or a nod that they wanted our daughter and son-in laws' wedding to be the best in all of 2012. The grandparents raved about how well they were taken care of. Plates of appetizers and desserts were brought to them, making them so happy. We have had so many compliments from family and friends saying that this was the best wedding they have ever attended. The setting was exquisite. We felt as if we had gone back to the Gold Coast Gatsby days. We can't believe Joy and Dave's wedding is over, but we are delighted and blessed to have the wonderful memories to cherish forever. Kudos! Love to you all Janet and Bob