6.10.2012 Beyond Perfect Wedding

Hi Eric, Well, where to begin? We had over a year to work together to make this spectacular event a reality. You and the entire de Seversky team worked with me every step of the way. You shared my vision to create the perfect day for the kids. There was no request that went unfulfilled and once you saw the level of perfection I wanted to achieve you took the challenge and far exceeded my expectations. As you gave me your full attention you deserve these detailed bravos about each aspect of the day. The facility: The building was brought to its full potential to impress the dignitaries that were present at the affair. Of course I will always refer to the ladies room as your ultimate gift to my requests. The grounds were breathtaking, the ballroom so elegant and the cocktail rooms were the perfect setting for the elaborate cocktail hour and dessert cafe. I must not forget to mention that the entry was a perfect way to set the scene for what was yet to come. The staff: Well, you have gathered the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff I could have imagined. My daughter-in-law and I were surrounded by people wanting to help us in anyway we needed. All of the guests commented that the staff was hovering, waiting to fulfill any and all requests. An empty glass was not to be found, a napkin did not remain unfolded for more than 10 seconds. The service can only be described as impeccable. Also, every person who worked that day was absolutely delightful! I would be remiss if I did not mention Damian. I refer to him as "my Damian" in all conversations I have when talking about the wedding. There are no words to describe his level of expertise. And you.....well you have a permanent place in my heart. You wanted the day to be perfect knowing how hard I had worked during the year. I must also acknowledge Gabrielle who is just so lovely and capable and Robert for truly understanding what I was looking for regarding both the level of food and the elegant presentation. The food: If you saw some main dishes untouched....it was not because they were not delicious. It was because our guests had stuffed themselves to the limit during the cocktail hour. Guests offered raves about everything at the cocktail hour. Of course they could barely comprehend the amount of shrimp and lobster your offered. Also, the short ribs were an incredible hit! Each main dish was plated as it would be at a fine restaurant. Many guests could not believe that after that opulent cocktail hour a full meal was served and then......oh my the dessert cafe was beyond everyone's comprehension. I watched my guests reactions as they walked into the room to see all the amazing desserts being served. So, I would like to thank you and my de Seversky family for making the day beyond perfect. If there is ever anything, and I mean anything that I can do for you in return please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to celebrating many happy occasions at what I consider to be the premier location on Long Island. With much thanks, Judi