9.27.2011 Absolutely Wonderful Wedding

Hello Eric, Everything was absolutely wonderful. I was more than a bit overwhelmed and my own memories are colored by a golden glow. I can say first hand, that you and everyone else (Melissa, Ytala, Gabrielle, Damian and Roger) who helped me leading up to the wedding were so attentive and helpful. There was nothing more that I could possibly have wished for. As for the reception itself, I am relying on the comments of our guests.... it was a beautiful, elegant affair with great food and exceptional service. Looking at photographs that friends haved shared, I can see how beautiful the mansion looked. When we get the professional photos, I will be sure to share them with you. I saw an Eiffel tower in the dessert cafe in one photo. I was too dazed to notice it that evening. I am guessing that you were you responsible for that sweet personalized touch. There is one individual that I would like to commend for her friendliness and assistance - Maria. When my matron of honor and I arrived Friday afternoon, she was one of the first persons we met and she greeted us with a cheerful welcome. On Saturday morning, when Joe and I returned to pick up gifts, flowers, etc., it was Maria who helped us find cartons to pack things in and who helped us carry them out to the car and arrange them in the trunk. I single her out because she seemed to be going far beyond the purvues of her job. I hope you will let her know that we did so appreciate it. Fondly, Kisa