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Updates - Cyber Enabled Learning
Apr 16 2013

Grant Institute held on April 12, 2013

Drs. Shiang-Kwei Wang and Hui-Yin Hsu, associate professors from School of Education, hosted their 1st National Science Foundation grant institute at NYIT Manhattan Campus on April 12. The “Cyber-Enabled Learning” grant is a 5-year grant, awarded in 2010. The attendees included teachers, assistant principals, and principals from 17 New York City public schools. The institute was to celebrate the progress of this project, highlight teachers’ achievements, share impact this project has on students’ learning, and establish a learning community for teachers and administrators so they can help sustain the project goals.

School of Education Dean Satasha Green delivered the opening remarks and extended a warm welcoming invitation to all NYC public schools to explore opportunities to establish partnerships with NYIT for the benefits of the larger community. The program then began with Dr. Hsu’s highlight on the importance of making connections between students’ use of technology inside and outside of the classroom and the technology integration framework developed by the team to guide the teachers’ use of technology to conduct scientific inquiry activities. Dr. Wang shared the project’s major findings from the past two years of implementation with the first cohort of 10 teachers and 700 students. The essential findings include: the teachers’ improved inquiry-based instruction, the technology integration paradigm shift (from teacher-centered to student-centered), and the blended learning between students’ at-school and at-home technology use. Teachers also reported that they no longer are confined to the classroom’s technology availability because all the technologies they learned from this project are free, reliable, and easily accessible. With the “flipped classroom” concept, this project assists them to better address students’ diverse learning needs. The concept refers to the practice of teachers using instructional tutorial videos and information and communication technologies (ICTs) for outside-of-class learning so that more class time can be spent on hands-on, inquiry-based, or discussion activities. Three teacher presenters shared their wonderful experiences with this project: Mr. Stephen Green from IS 109 Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School, Ms. Mayen Davis from Young Women's Leadership School, and Mr. Marvin Cardornigara from the New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math.

The institute ended with iPad mini drawings and social networking. Dean Green presented iPad minis to the two luck winners: Ms. Lucy Chela Allen from M.S. 113 and Ms. Beverly Dobson from M.S. 156Q. Ms. Allen is one of the teachers in cohort 3. She said “I want to say thank you for a wonderful institute. Your team helped to make me and others feel comfortable, and the energy was so high and positive. I enjoyed hearing about the experiences other teachers were having, applying the new literacy in technology and ICTs, and I am able to visualize and ponder the possibilities.” The administrators were very impressed with the program and expressed that they can envision how NYIT Cyber Enabled Learning Program can help their schools integrate technology strategically and meaningfully. “I was immediately assigned more work to do for our school right after your presentation!” exclaimed Mr. Marvin Cadornigara at the end of the institute. Principal Dimitres Pantelidis from PS/IS 171 Patrick Henry School expressed his support, “Teacher quality is the key to student success. Your project does a great job to prepare high quality teachers.”

“The purpose of the institute is to help administrators understand these teachers’ innovative pedagogical practices and support their technology integration in the classroom, and I think we achieved the goal tonight.” concluded by Dr. Hsu in her closing remarks.

The institute was a great success! The team would like to acknowledge the three research assistants from School of Education who facilitated the preparation of the institute and participated in the presentation: John Gienau, Markella Karousis and Edward Powers.

Dr. Hsu

Dr. Hsu welcomed all institute attendees.

Grant Institute

Attendees from 17 NYC schools participated in the institute to learn the purpose of the project, teachers' achievements, and how this project benefit their students.

Grant Institue Participants

Group photo of the presenters: (from left to right) Dr. Shiang-Kwei Wang, Stephen Green, Dr. Hui-Yin Hsu, Marvin Cadornigara, Mayen Davis, Edward Powers, Markella Karousis, John Gienau, and School of Education Dean Satasha Green.

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