Business Etiquette in the Global Workplace
March 7, 2013
12:30-1:50 p.m.

Venue: Manhattan: 26 W. 61 St., Room 211 and Old Westbury: Salten Hall, Room 3

Contact: Career Services - 212.261.1537 MA and 516.686.7527 OW

Campus(es): Old Westbury - Manhattan

Intimidated by a business lunch? Learn how to lunch in confidence and make a great impression. The following topics will be addressed:
-Greetings such as handshakes, bowing, and any differences in greeting males and females
-Dining etiquette such as gestures/body language (i.e., how close to be to someone, how much eye contact to make) and how to propose business ideas (i.e., depending on the culture/country of your company, there are likely different approaches in bringing forth an idea for a new product or improvement to the business, and varying channels for it to go through). Guests will include employees of Nikon and NYIT alumnus Calvin Xu (B.S. ’12).

The event is hosted by the NYIT Office of Career Services, the Golden Key Honor Society, and the Professional Enrichment Program.
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