Citizen Schools Information Session Webinar
August 7, 2013
11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Venue: This is an online webinar

Contact: Rosalia Mannino, 646-273-6018

Campus(es): Other - Other

Share Your Passion and Expertise: Become a Citizen Teacher: Apprenticeships at Citizen Schools give adults the opportunity to take what they do best in their professional careers, educational pursuits or personal hobbies and use it to help middle-school students move toward a long-term trajectory of success. In 90-minute sessions one afternoon a week for 12 weeks, these volunteer Citizen Teachers enable young people to learn real-world skills by creating real-world projects. Lawyers turn their apprentices into prosecutors, artists cultivate young muralists, gardeners lead a team of twelve-year-old green thumbs. Want to learn more? RSVP for this webinar!
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