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Dec 01, 2012

Music and Study

While research suggests that alternating your study location (e.g. home, library, coffee shop) aids in memory retention, adjusting the auditory environment in order to concentrate is a personal issue that varies from individual to individual.  Some apply ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones, while others prefer to loop a favorite track.  There are also a number of websites providing different types of ambient noise, ranging from natural sounds to simple white noise.

The NYIT Library subscribes to Naxos Music Library (NML). A collection of close to 1 million tracks and 70,000 discs, NML is the world´s largest online classical music library, offering everything from Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor to John Cage's Percussion Works.  Listed below are a few favorites.  Enjoy!


Author: sebastien_marion

Sep 24, 2012

How to Search Every Library Catalog in New York State at Once

Scenario 1

I would like to know if any books have been written about a given topic, or, say, by a specific person.  More so, I am not interested in whether the NYIT Library owns a particular book, as I understand that I can either request it through interlibrary loan, or recommend that it be purchased and added to the collection.

Scenario 2

I would like to locate a library in the city, state or country, that subscribes to a particular journal, or magazine, or that has a specific title in its holdings. I have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), and/or an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).

The above two scenarios offer perfect examples of WorldCat's true value.

WorldCat is a vertical search engine focusing on libraries.  A meta catalog of close to 200 million records, WorldCat indexes books and other materials from libraries around the world.  A quick search tells you both what books have been written about a given topic, and where a particular book or journal is available based on your current location. Clicking the Find in a Library link in Google Books directs you to WorldCat’s search engine and website.  Cut out the middle man (i.e. Google) and proceed directly to WorldCat.


NYIT access to WorldCat comes in two varieties: the free public Url, and the advanced NYIT interface.  There is also a custom mobile Url, and mobile Apps.

Author: sebastien_marion

Jun 25, 2012

Articles in Databases

Very often you will need to search for information about a topic without limiting yourself to a particular journal, magazine, or newspaper; your goal is to locate citations about a subject, and/or full text articles. 

Your 2nd bookmark is to the library's Find Articles in Databases page.  These vertical search engines provide in-depth information on variety of subjects.  Unlike Google, what you are accessing is paid-for content from some of the world's leading publishers. 

While some of our resources cover more than 1 topic, these databases highlight specialized disciplines from architecture to neuroscience.   For advice on selecting from one of our many titles ask a librarian.  A best in class database that focuses on your major is another great bookmark.

Bookmarks for Sucess

Author: sebastien_marion

Sep 19, 2011

Improve Your Writing Today @ iTunes University

Who doesn't appreciate a good podcast?  Download 'Roy's Writing Tools' by Roy Peter Clark of The Poynter Institute.  Included are 50 free podcasts with an average listening time of 3 minutes, which cover everything from writer's block, to writing pace and structure.

Also available for download is Roy's 2 page guide 'Quick 50 Writing Tools' [PDF], what Wired senior editor and the author of What Technology Wants, Kevin Kelly, refers to as his favorite guide to writing: "After 30 years as both a writer and editor I can't think of much I would add to these 50 short tips. This PDF is now my favorite guide to writing well."

Description: The Poynter Institute's Roy Peter Clark provides tools for your writing toolbox. Clark is the author of the book Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. Poynter's podcasts are sponsored by The City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism.

Author: sebastien_marion

Sep 13, 2011

Research Hacker: Bookmarks for Success

The following is Part 1 of a 5 Part series.  The series guides you through the process of creating an academic researcher's Web browser toolbar by highlighting 5 outstanding resources available to NYIT.

No. 5. NYIT Journal locator

As publishers struggle to find a revenue model on the Internet, pay walls continue to rise.  You have probably been denied access to more than one website; sometime this can happen at a very important moment.  The NYIT Library negotiates contracts on your behalf.  As a result,  NYIT Bears have access to 1000s, yes 1000s, of subscription based publications for free. Even better, access is available immediately from any location in the world, from New York City to Reykjavik, Iceland! Create a folder in your Web browser's toolbar and name it Research.

Your first bookmark is to the NYIT Journal Locator. Use the journal locator to find and read newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, or magazines like the Economist.  Learn what full text newspapers, magazines and academic journals are freely available to you by performing a quick search.

Author: sebastien_marion

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