Winter Storm Warnings

Dec 01 2010

The fall semester is winding down; believe it or not finals are just a few weeks away. As an alternative to stressing out, downing cans of Red Bull or making multiple runs to Starbucks I’d like to talk about planning! Right now is a good time to start planning on how you’re going to study for finals. A few helpful tips I’d like to highlight…
Start Early. Now is a good time to gather all the material you’ve received during the semester such as handouts, notes, old tests. Start reading through your class notes at least twice.
Study Group or Partner. Schedule at least 1 meeting time with a study group. Don’t have time to meet? Use Instant Messaging!
Use Old Tests. Collect old exams from the year or semester before. Use them as practice tests by whiting out the answers and quizzing yourself.
Old Assignments. Gather old assignment and re-do the exercises.
Invent Your Own Essay Questions. For history, political science, literature or any theory class that focuses on themes, read your notes again and mark topics that could potentially be used as an essay question.
From the Student Solutions Center – we wish you the best of luck on your Final Exams!!

Author: anna_ye