Weekly Teaching Notes Index, 2013-2014

May 07 2014

Below is a list of all the Weekly Teaching Notes from the 2013–2014 academic year, with direct links to each one. Weekly Teaching Notes will break for the summer and resume again in the fall.

At the Center for Teaching and Learning, we are here throughout the summer and are eager to assist you with your teaching, course design or redesign, scholarly writing, and preparing your reappointment/tenure/promotion portfolios. (All consultations are voluntary and confidential.) To make an appointment with us, please email Jea Ahn (instructional Designer, Old Westbury) at, Olena Zhadko (instructional designer, Manhattan) at, or me at We will be delighted to work with you!

Also this summer, we are offering our first summer book club. Here’s how it works: Once you let us know you’re interested, we will send you a copy of this summer’s book, Blended Learning: Across the Disciplines, Across the Academy. The book is yours to keep. We’ll each read the book independently over the summer, and then convene over lunch early in the fall semester for a conversation about it.

Register for the book club at by completing the online form at:

Course Design

Activities to Make Lectures Interactive

How Do We Know Our Students Are Learning?

Course Design Tip Sheet - Planning to Teach

5 Tips to Help Structure Courses to Engage Students

Beyond Bloom: Expanding our Ideas about Learning Objectives

Student-Faculty Interaction: A Key to Better Learning

Why Students Don’t Read: Strategies to Increase Student Preparation for Class

“What a Tangled Web We Weave” … or Not?

Novel Strategies to Encourage Careful Reading and Energized Discussions

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with New Media

Sometimes, You Really Need to Meet Face-to-Face

Catch Up on Missed Classes with VoiceThread

Blended Courses that Work

Bridging the Geographical Divide: Teaching in a DL Classroom

Found Metaphors: A Strategy of Applied Creative Thinking

Visualizing Data When You’re Not an Artist

Metacognition: Thinking about Learning

The Power of Tests to Teach

The ‘Gallery Walk’ as a Means to Making Metacognition Transparent

Help Students Learn from their Mistakes

Techniques to Help Students Think About Their Learning

Peer and Self-Evaluation of Participation in Discussion

Assessment: Demonstrating Learning

NYIT Faculty Talk About How We Know Whether our Students are Learning

Get Your Students’ Perspectives

Prior Knowledge Check

Dealing with Academic Dishonesty in the 21st Century

Learning Spaces

Space for Learning

Learning Spaces - Social Presence and Interaction

NYIT Faculty Discuss Learning Spaces: Physical, Virtual, Social, and Intellectual

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