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May 02 2012

As the academic year winds down and we look toward the summer, I present to you a list of all the Weekly Teaching Notes from this academic year, with links to their locations on the web. Weekly Teaching Notes will break for the summer and resume again in the fall.

I've enjoyed the email conversations I've had with many of you this year, as you responded to me about a particular idea. At the Center for Teaching and Learning, we are here all summer and are eager to assist you with your teaching, course design or redesign, scholarly writing, and preparing your reappointment/tenure/promotion portfolios. (All consultations are voluntary and confidential.) To make an appointment with us, please email Olena Zhadko (instructional designer) at or me at We will be delighted to work with you!

Student Motivation

Your Responses - Motivating Students to Improve Study Habits

Motivating Students to Improve Study Habits

Guide Your Students Toward More Effective Study Habits

Technology and Student Learning

Enhance Student Collaboration with Online Tools: Google Apps

More on Student Collaboration and Google Apps

What's the Right Tool for the Job?

Glogster and Audio Essays

Which Tool? ...  Blackboard? Google Apps? Something else?

Course Design

Use an Annotated Syllabus to Track Your Thinking about Course Design

Communicate High Expectations

Storytelling, Creativity, and Classroom Management

Engage Students in Your Course by Providing a Larger Context

Classroom Activities

Using Games in the Classroom

Value Lines Help Students Examine Both Sides of an Issue

Focused Listing

Critical Thinking 

Building Critical Thinking Skills with a Pro-Con-Caveat Grid

Developing Critical Thinking with Journal Writing

Lectures and Presentations

Make Your PowerPoint Memorable With Images

On the Use and Abuse of Lecture

To Post or Not to Post: What Are the Consequences of Posting PowerPoint Slides for Student Learning?

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Personalize Plagiarism to Prevent its Practice

Five Tips to Reduce Cheating

Turnitin is now available within Blackboard

Using SafeAssign as a Teaching Tool

Help Students Develop Paraphrasing Skills to Deter Plagiarism

Grading and Student Feedback

Grade Mechanics Quickly, While Helping Students Learn

Tips for Gathering and Responding to Student Feedback

Grading, Like It or Not!

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