“Thoughts and progress of a project that is very close to my heart”

Mar 07 2011

I believe in health as one promise that can help community to live long. Last month, I am happy to report, I received permissions from the ministry of health that would formalize our construction plans. I had a two hour conversation by phone with Alice Cherop, Public Health Officer at  the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in Kenya. That was the best conversation my heart ever had because she gave me on behalf of the Kenyan Ministry of health a permit to proceed with our project on construction of a Health Dispensary/center.

Tears of joy and happiness ruled my heart, because being permitted to do so was a major step towards our project to help a community have a health center for their familes, children, laborers and any person in need of Medical attention. After hanging up the phone, I felt as if I the village were already saved and relieved even as the projects goes on. Together as one we can raise a community and make their faces, eyes and feelings full of joy and happiness.

Author: elphas_kimutai