Mar 25 2010

There was a time, not so long ago, when you had to wait for the next day to find out the scores of your favorite teams. Today, wait has been eviscerated because of technology, we now have instant results.... Websites, ESPN,  & smart phones have closed the geographic landscape to a narrow stretch of ingenuity that has allowed us to be connected at an almost instantaneous rate of connection.  While this has been a marvelous development for mankind it has also come with a plethora of challenges and new problems that we must address.  Technology has allowed us to stay connected and reconnect with family and friends all around the world.  I was reluctant to join the Facebook movement because I was still holding on to my eight track tapes and vinyl records.  When I could not get the eight track player to work any longer, and the the vinyl section in the record department was removed,  it was a sign of the times and it told me to get going with the movement son or you will be left behind.  So I joined and wasn't that bad.  I even enjoyed it.  However, with all the good that these social networking sites have done there is a clear and present danger.  There exists a dark side that is uncontrollable and dangerous.  I read with sadness of the beautiful young lady from West Islip HS who committed suicide.  The story, as told in Newsday, detailed the cowardly cyberspace abuse leashed at this individual.  A good student and exceptional soccer player she was on her way to attend Dowling College to pursue a college degree and play a little soccer.  Somewhere on her quest to upward mobility she felt the pressure to not exist in what we considered the living.  I can not image what she was thinking of on that day of no return, but she has stayed on my mind ever since I read the story.  The comments posted on the social networks, pre and post death, have been cruel and stealth.  When I was coming along, the bullies were always around but I know who they were. I had a chance to either face the music or run like the road runner.  With technology, the bullies hide and eat away at your soul, gouging it with a barrage of endless insults that you internalize to the point that you begin to believe that you are just as worthless as they are.  Why would we believe such trash........because we are programmed to believe that the printed word is the gospel.   We, however; tend to forget that people print those words and people are far from perfect. Come to think of it, people are pretty fallible.  Perhaps it is the reason we create all these devices, to prove that we are not that smart and getting dumber every day.  Technology has created a world of functional, self absorbed, self centered individuals who would rather text than talk, GPS than walk, and play with key boards before they venture out into the world and feel what a true breeze truly means.  My heart goes out to the family and friends of this young lady.  I will pary for her soul and hope that we can somehow get our arms around the world wide web and control it to the point it does not negatively impact the lives of those it is intended to assist.  One day the machines are going to take over and we will have to find our very own John Connor to save us.  This is Cool Mac and I'll be back! Remember peace is always in never out.  Make today a good one so tomorrow is a better one.


Author: clyde_doughty