Search Triangle

Nov 05 2010

Search TriangleEvery search interface that you encounter on the WWW offers a scenario.  Each has a learning curve that must be climbed, but would it surprise you to know that almost every system operates on a standard set of principles and infrastructure?  Most often we are defaulted into a basic search mode (think of Google's search box), but believe it or not whether you are in basic Google mode, or in the advanced mode of a powerful vertical search engine all interfaces are similar.

The search triangle is a 5 minute interactive learning module.  After completing it you will better understand how to:

  • Identify key concepts and terms related to a research question,
  • Construct an appropriate search strategy,
  • Adapt search strategy across various interfaces and search engines, refining search strategy when necessary, and
  • Select controlled vocabulary specific to a discipline or information source.

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Author: sebastien_marion