Research Hacker: Bookmarks for Success

Sep 13 2011

The following is Part 1 of a 5 Part series.  The series guides you through the process of creating an academic researcher's Web browser toolbar by highlighting 5 outstanding resources available to NYIT.

No. 5. NYIT Journal locator

As publishers struggle to find a revenue model on the Internet, pay walls continue to rise.  You have probably been denied access to more than one website; sometime this can happen at a very important moment.  The NYIT Library negotiates contracts on your behalf.  As a result,  NYIT Bears have access to 1000s, yes 1000s, of subscription based publications for free. Even better, access is available immediately from any location in the world, from New York City to Reykjavik, Iceland! Create a folder in your Web browser's toolbar and name it Research.

Your first bookmark is to the NYIT Journal Locator. Use the journal locator to find and read newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, or magazines like the Economist.  Learn what full text newspapers, magazines and academic journals are freely available to you by performing a quick search.

Author: sebastien_marion