On an Internship Site Visit- A Grad Assistant’s Perspective

Apr 05 2010

By Archana Srinivasan

I came to work last Tuesday thinking that it was going to be just another day at work, but little did I know that my supervisor had something exciting planned for the day. She told me that we were going on a site visit to the Associated Press to meet the supervisor of our student Intern working there. My excitement level shot up a little bit, as I had no idea of what happens on a site visit; this was my first one.  We managed to reach the office of AP in Manhattan making it through the long walk accompanied by heavy rain and winds. Mr. Brett – the intern’s supervisor gave us a warm welcome and spoke with us for a while regarding the Intern’s work and his summer plans to recruit more I.T. interns, and yes, “paid” for the summer. He had nothing but praises for the NYIT student interning there, Parth Savani.

Amy (my supervisor) gave him a fancy folder with brochures containing details of the Career Services Internship Certificate Program. They discussed legal requirements for paying interns and what was needed to ensure a good learning experience for the student. This was followed by a tour of the office where we got to see the floors where all the action takes place. On one floor, each employee had at least two desktop  monitors, and no not for Facebooking, tweeting or gaming, but for work – one for AP’s news and the other for scanning other news stories. There was also this interesting looking circular glass room on that floor where the heads of all departments meet every day to prioritize which news stories are most important. On another floor there was also a full basketball court where the interns compete with the staff.  We were told that just recently, for the first time in a long time, the staff beat the interns.  Overall, I think one of the most interesting things we learned was that one of the floors in which we toured was once a professional hockey rink! Pretty cool!

The most interesting part of this visit for me was to learn about the kind of work Parth is involved in. He is actually helping the mobile application team develop an app for smart phones comprising of a rare collection of pictures from their archives. Parth’s supervisor seemed really pleased with Parth’s work and said that that it doesn’t matter to him where a student goes to school or what kind of grades the student gets.  The most important thing to him when hiring an intern is his energy and practical experience. Did I mention that they are looking for more IT interns for the summer?

Overall, this was a wonderful experience to learn, observe and meet new people. Thanks Amy!

Author: amy_bravo