Junk Food Legislation

Mar 15 2010

A big debate in both the marketing and nutrition worlds is the need for more legislation limiting access to food that is less than healthful. In light of increasing obesity, especially among children and adolescents many schools are reconsidering what is offered in the cafeterias and vending machines. According to the Boston Globe , the Massachusetts state senate, in reaction to a recent report that one on three children in the state is overweight, passed a law  last Thursday banning junk food and soda from being available in schools. Instead low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, more whole products will be sold or served.

Will this help the obesity crisis or will kids try to get their junk food elsewhere? We nutrition professionals think this is a step in the right direction which must be addressed in conjunction with more  physical activity. Key to success is making the junk food alternatives appetizing and inviting and making the physical activities enjoyable ones.

Author: mindy_haar