Mar 18 2010

There is nothing more exciting in my line of work than intramurals.  Yes, we complete against some of the best DII schools in our region on the intercollegiate level, however: here's the deal.  With an intercollegiate contest you either go there or they come to you; you play the game and then you go home or they go home.  Yes there is excitement and build up because you want to do well and represent your institution but at the end of day you might not ever see your opponent again. However, when you play in intramural action it stays with you all semester or year because you have to see your peers on a regular basis.  Trash talking and bragging rights are in full affect when it comes to the intramural landscape.  Today, the intramural basketball championship was a real overtime thriller, complete with last minute heroics, bad shots, a great crowd and a lot of hustling and enthusiasm. 


Shhhhhh, but I hear there might be a Tiger sighting soon.....somewhere in Georgia.  Stay tuned for our National Geographic update.  This is Cool Mac.  Peace is always in never out.  Make today a good one so tomorrow is a better one. 

Author: clyde_doughty