Good Luck on Your Mid-terms

Oct 28 2013

As midterms approach, it’s important to develop good study habits early in the semester.  Many of us have played the game of catch-up and it’s never fun. In fact it can be stressful and overwhelming. Here are some basic steps to developing good study habits that students can use throughout their academic career.   I’m not saying that you need to study more; rather, I’m asking you to study better by maximizing the time you put into it. 
  1. Rewrite your class notes when possible: Doing this, especially important topics – formulas, charts or rules is a good place to start. It will reinforce what you already know. A difficult lecture is also worth reviewing after class. Weeks later, when reviewing for a test, the original notes might not make much sense.
  1. Budget your time carefully. One way to do this is to first determine the time of day that you are most focused.  For example, some people are morning folks and others are definitely not. Study in 20 to 50 minute intervals. It takes time for your brain to form long-term memories.
  1. Find a good study spot – a quiet well-lit place where there will be no interruptions works best.
  1. Do not underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.
  2. As we approach the half way mark of the semester, right now is a good time to evaluate how you are doing in your classes Many college courses, especially math and science, are sequential. That is to say, what you learn in any given class session builds upon what you learned in the previous session. If you are confused in the beginning, this will snowball and hurt you as the coursework gets more challenging. The answer? As soon as you feel yourself adrift, get help. Ask questions, get peer tutoring, go to the resource centers, visit with your SSC Manager. There are many types of assistance available to you; take advantage of them and do not fall behind. NYIT’s Learning Center offers free tutoring both in person and online in a variety of classes and skill building. Email them at

Author: susan_hershkowitz