Facebook, Network Literacy and Brand You

Oct 13 2010

If you haven’t read the latest Facebook blog post by Mr. Social Network himself, Mark Zuckerberg, you might want to take a peek.  The most visited website on the Internet  – yes, Google is listening and wants your Facebook data! – Zuckerberg appears to have heard our requests for greater privacy and greater ability to self-manage our personal information. 

I’ve commented previously on the importance of taking your online life very seriously.  You might graduate with credentials, but in a ubiquitous networked world where information abounds your online profile (sometimes referred to as your data shadow) is never far behind.

This process of thinking of yourself as a brand begins right now at NYIT.  How you ask?  Well, there are a variety of ways to shape your relationships and online appearance.  The library continues to purchase books about presentation technique, a number of which I have listed below.  When you graduate, far from being a 10-minute expert, every day you will be presented with a number of opportunities not only to teach and engage, but also to connect and be connected to.

So what are these new settings you are referring to?  The first is groups allowing you to share specific information with specific groups of people.  You might refer to these as contexts (family, professional, etc.).  I should add that you are automatically opted into groups, a troublesome scenario when you can be added to literally anything!  The next is the ability to download everything you have ever contributed to Facebook to your personal computer.  You will find this in your account settings and might be surprised to see what you are an expert in!  Finally, there is a new dashboard that includes the ability to see what applications are accessing your personal information.

Make no mistake, I enjoy Facebook and rejoice that I can stay in contact and share information with friends from all over the world.  But in the memorable words of Steve Greenberg: “You are not Facebook’s customer. You are the product that they sell to their real customersā€advertisers. Forget this at your peril.”

Available at the Manhattan Library:

  • Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. Call No. HF5718.22 .R49 2008
  • Presentation Zen Design by Garr Reynolds. Call No. HF5718.22 .R49 2010
  • Slide-ology by Nancy Duarte. Call No. HF5718.22 .D83 2008
  • Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson. Call No. HF5718.22 .A87 2005
  • Resonate: Presenting Visual Stories that Transform Audiences by Nancy Duarte (on order)

Author: sebastien_marion