Alternative Spring Break: Peru 2011

Mar 21 2011

 10 NYIT students left on Saturday, March 19, 2011 to volunteer in a community called Independencia, Peru.  They will work on clean water and composting projects.  When not working in the field they will be volunteering at a local orphanage spending time with @25 children aged 2-12. Independencia is a very poor community with limited access to clean water.  Each morning, families fill jugs for their daily water (for drinking, cooking and cleaning).  They need help from our students to identify more efficient and sanitary ways of storing and collecting water. The composting project is to reuse and renew all raw materials to garner life from waste.  They want NYIT guidance on how to maximize benefits from waste material and ideas for new alternative energy uses.


The Experiential Education Program in Career Services developed NYIT’s Alternative Break Program after nearly 300 students responded to a summer email with interest in participating, or learning more, about such a program. This first trip was developed in collaboration with longstanding community partner the International YMCA, which runs 8-10 of these trips for NYC teens each year at various YMCA’s across the world.  We’ve received tremendous support for this project from the whole Division of Student Affairs, especially Student Activities and Leadership Development and Career Services. The students are being led by Jeremy Ducos, NYIT's Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, and by the International YMCA's Kelvin Eng To learn more about Kelvin, see his biography below.


The following ten NYIT students currently on the trip are: Cindy Chan (Architecture), Renny Pacheco (Grad Student Environmental Technology), Derek Tao (Electrical and Computer Engineering  - Nanjing student), Freddy Germosen (Computer Science), Jiayi (Claire) Zhong (Com Arts Grad Student), Marisela Nunez (Behavioral Science), Vicky Adelson (Nursing), Dominic Kalathivila (Life Science Bio), Shabia Rehmat (Life Science Pre-Med), and Dyesha Durm (Nursing).
NYIT Peru Group Arrives!

Kelvin's Bio:
Kelvin was born in Queens, NY and has attended Elementary school to College in Manhattan. He attended Stuyvesant High School and graduated from Baruch College with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Kelvin used his network he built up while working at the law firm of Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP. as a Network Administrator to provide computer consulting services to other law firms and small businesses. This led to Kelvin’s desire to share his computer knowledge with young adults.

To accomplish this desire he took on a part time position at the West Side YMCA Teen Center as a Computer Teacher and Teen Career Connection advisor. He is currently the IT Director of the International YMCA and his responsibilities lie in ensuring that the International’s computers, databases, web sites and its network are running at full capacity.

Being a native of New York City native Kelvin enjoys spending time to learn about the various cultures that make up New York City.  Kelvin enjoys reading about technology and finance on his spare time. His hobbies include hiking, bowling, boogie boarding, traveling and learning about other cultures which means trying their food J.

Kelvin loves nature and exploring new places. A few interesting places outside of the United States he’s been to have been Costa Rica, Hong Kong, South Korea, South Africa, Panama, Peru, China, and Canada. His family is from Hong Kong and he had the opportunity to first visit Hong Kong with the Global Teens in 2006. He returned to visit Hong Kong and other parts of China in 2007. He is excited to share his culture and experiences with the young adults and adults and hopes to aid in enhancing their knowledge of Peru and its culture. Kelvin also hopes to show the young adults and adults that there’s a huge world outside of New York City and hopes they will use this volunteer experience as a stepping stone to continue to help others less fortunate then them and have a better cultural understanding of people that might be different then them.

Author: amy_bravo