Jun 01 2010

The month of May, the final frontier for some.... the beginning of a new crusade for others.  The pinnacle of our college education is commencement.  It is the national championship of education.  May contains the days when college students walk the stage to be acknowledged for a job well done.  While I sat back and basked in the glow of the spring day and watched the picturesque pageantry of another NYIT commencement evolve and unfold, I was also laden with sadness that three members of the NYIT family did not make it to commencement day. Two former student-athletes and a nephew of a staff member did not make it to the age of 27.  Each was a tragic situation that left family and friends stunned.  I laugh when someone tells me to guarantee something.  Nothing is guaranteed in life; therefore you must live life like it is borrowed time.  At any moment the lender will call the note and life no longer exists.   It is, therefore, profoundly critical to live a positive life.  Enjoy the blood pumping through your veins and the sweat on your palms. Impact the lives of others in a way that makes them better people.  Jackie Robinson put his perspective of life in a concise  thought " A life in not important except in the impact it has on other lives". I am quite sure Jackie meant in a positive manner.

Go out there and make a difference. Establish a plan and work to make it a reality.  Enjoy the fruits of life because all work and no play......... makes you stale and you will wither away. Dance like no one is watching, like people more than you love them, and live today with passion as if tomorrow you will be "I am Legend". 

I am still searching for the meaning of soul.  This is Cool Mac and I am out.  Remember, peace is always in, never out. 

Author: clyde_doughty