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Globesville: a World Like No Other

Nov 05 2013

Globesville is NYIT’s new network and digital media community built on student creativity and dedication. Started by Professor Don Fizzinoglia, the chair of the Communication Arts department just one year ago, “Globesville is NYIT's news, entertainment and sports channel on the web,” says Fizzinoglia.“When it's fully implemented it will run like a cable channel 24 hours a day, with content coming from current students and alumni from all over the globe.”

Globesville allows current student-produced work to be showcased through its channel and a variety of social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (to name a few). Think of Globesville as a digital media start-up company. The organization consists of professors, graduate assistants, undergraduate, and graduate students, working to create a vast global online community. “We want to bring the NYIT community closer together through digital media that adds value to both the producers and consumers of its great content,” says adjunct professor George Weiner. “This would involve connecting potential, current and past students through the Globesville platform.”

A typical day at Globesville starts with students meeting in the Education Hall “Globesroom” sitting around a large discussion table preparing for the day ahead of them.  Often class begins with a web-based lecture presented by Professor Weiner that’s recorded and broadcast, via UStream, for any member of the NYIT global community who would like to “join” the class. The lectures help sharpen student skills by learning about important topics such as web analytics and social media marketing tools and how they can make the most of their endeavors. “My role is focused on adding in real world digital marketing, strategy, and analysis to the work that Globesville does,” says Weiner who is the Founder and CEO of WholeWhale.com. “The class is treated like a digital media company and the students leverage the theory we teach with practical real-world work.”

Students are encouraged to use their creativity to film weekly smart phone segments called “Glocal Minutes” to inform their local and global classmates about interesting events happening around them. These short clips are about thirty seconds when submitted and represent a brand new reporting format via the use of a smart phone.  Globesville is looking to reach out to NYIT Alumni to join the production team and contribute in multiple ways, the simplest of which is to send in their own Globesville Glocal Minutes from wherever they are in the world.

The faculty guiding Globesville currently include NYIT Alumni who have returned to share their creativity and knowledge in the field with the global community.

Rob Burgos, owner of post-production facility Full Circle Post NYC, is a member of the team. Burgos attended the Manhattan campus and received both a B.F.A. and M.A. from NYIT in 1998 and 1999. Burgos feels sharing his knowledge and experience is his way of giving back to NYIT. “I’m proud of being an NYIT graduate and Globesville is going to do a lot of great things for the community and alumni in general,” says Burgos. “This will keep everyone connected globally and glocally.”

Kevin Horton is another NYIT graduate who recently joined the Globesville faculty team. He graduated in 1991 with a Communication Arts degree concentrating on journalism. Horton was Editor in Chief of The Campus Slate student newspaper for 3 years under then faculty advisor and now NYIT president Edward Guiliano. Horton is the founder and editor of the Gold Coast Gazette newspaper, covering the North Shore of Long Island and also started a company called Gold Coast Productions, a video production company serving clients such as YMCA of Long Island, Subaru, and the Greenvale School. “I got to be part of Globesville because one the people I featured on the show was Communication Arts professor John Hanc,” says Horton. “We got to talking; I told him how much I'm enjoying the video aspect of communications as well as video journalism.” Kevin shares the same vision for Globesville as its founder Professor Fizzinoglia to make it a global channel connecting future, past and present NYIT students throughout the world. “I hope to bring a journalistic vision to the channel bringing news that's of interest to students that they can relate to.”

Becoming a Globesville Alumni member contributor is as easy as sharing a photo on Facebook. Visit the official Globesville website to read more about the goal of this “glocal” community, view student work, and find out how you can become an active member. “Alums can showcase what they are currently working on (films, animations, etc) or become part of our mobile citizen's journalism team, or simply send in a Glocal Minute from time to time,” says Fizzinoglia. Take the first step in this digital movement by filming a Glocal Minute and submitting it to info@globesville.com today. Globesville, as stated by Fizzinoglia, is “…a two-way global communications medium: tune in to see what's happening here on campus and around the world, and send content to show what's happening wherever you are.”

By contributing in this way, you’re helping NYIT become an innovator in interactive global communications. With the legacy of LI News Tonight still fresh, the Globesville team hopes to further cement NYIT as a trailblazer in hands-on student journalism - now with a digital twist.

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