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Jul 25 2014

NSF Awards Grant to NYIT Professor for Workshop on Gaming and Therapy

Jul 25 2014

Arkansas Higher Education Board Certifies New NYIT Medical School Site in Jonesboro

Jul 17 2014

Medical Students Transition from Classroom to Clinic

Jul 15 2014

NYIT Awards Research Grants

Jul 15 2014

NYIT’s M.S. in Instructional Technology Approved in Abu Dhabi

Aug 01 2014

NYIT Cyber-Security Talk

Aug 04 2014

B.S./D.O. Enrollment Day

Aug 05 2014

Graduate Tuesdays

Aug 05 2014

NYIT Transfer Student Orientation Day 1!

Aug 06 2014

NYIT Transfer Student Orientation Day 2!

Academics Announcement
May 21 2013

Inspiring Through Shared Experiences

Members of Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society (XAE) make a promise upon induction to “continue to excel academically, to promote academic excellence in others, and to help those who genuinely aspire to achieve the same goals”.  The members of XAE strive to live out this promise through various activities both on and off-campus.  On May 2nd they stayed true to this promise by visiting the High School of Arts and Technology to talk to juniors and seniors about preparing for and making the most out of their college experience. 
The students at the High School of Arts and Technology were very eager to hear advice from seasoned and successful college students.   They had many questions and fears that the members of XAE were able to address during their 2 hour visit.  One of the primary concerns of the high school students was paying for college.  The XAE members encouraged the students to apply for opportunity programs to receive academic and financial support. Another piece of advice repeated by the members was to get involved in college leadership positions and apply for scholarships.  The high school students were shocked and relieved to hear about all of the financial aid that members of XAE receive by taking advantage of various student leadership opportunities offered at NYIT.  The XAE members encouraged the students to look for and apply to similar positions at the colleges they plan to attend.   Members of XAE also encouraged the high school students to know and use their resources, such as departments like student activities, academic advisors and opportunity program counselors.   
Many of the high school students were anxious about the transition from high school to college.  They were not sure what to expect or if they would be able to handle the college level workload.  The members of XAE were extremely open and honest in sharing some of their own difficulties in making this same transition.  Some of them candidly shared stories of behaviors they were not so proud of when they were in high school.  They assured the students that if they were able to grow and blossom into successful college students then so could all the students in the room, as long as they fully applied themselves.   The XAE members shared their personal backgrounds as well, many of them coming from the same neighborhoods or sharing similar experiences and circumstances.  The high school students seemed to appreciate this information and it made the success stories that much more encouraging and motivating. 
Special thanks to Vanderie Vielie, HEOP Counselor and Jeremy Ducos, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development for arranging the visit.  The members of XAE really enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experience with the students of the High School of Arts and Technology and look forward to an ongoing relationship with the school.

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