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NYIT in the Media
LIBN: NYIT Among LI Colleges Building New Tech-Savvy Facilities
Jul 21, 2015

Recently , several Long Island colleges, including NYIT, finished construction on major projects, all focusing on upgrading their students’ technology. According to an article in Long Island Business News (subscription required), educators are optimistic about their new capabilities.“Among those is Nada Marie Anid, dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Sciences at NYIT. With its new business accelerator and collaborative work spaces, Anid hopes to get students involved on the projects of incoming companies. ‘That’s the idea,’ she said. ‘Creating a space where the industry is engaged.’”

Newsday: NYIT Gets Cybersecurity Center
Jul 01, 2015

Nassau County will be home to a cybersecurity research center that will prepare college students for careers and produce inventions that can be turned into products, county officials tell Newsday (subscription required).

NYIT chief of staff Peter C. Kinney III said the school wants the National Security Agency to designate the local facility as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense. "We already have a relationship with the NSA, and we hope eventually to do research that is classified," he says. "Our faculty and students will be doing research for the federal government, IBM, Cisco and other companies." NYIT's School of Engineering and Computing Sciences dean, Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D., says that the research center will complement the work of the school's Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center, located on NYIT's Old Westbury campus.


Dean Chute: “My Patient, Your Patient, Our Patient” in Huffington Post Op-Ed
Jun 24, 2015

“Team-based and patient-centered care approaches are critical as we face physician shortages in certain areas along with greater numbers of patients who have increased access to health care from the Affordable Care Act,” writes School of Health Professions Dean Patricia Chute in a Huffington Post op-ed on interprofessional education. “Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals must work together -- and training in teamwork must start early in their education.”

Boronico Op-ed: Higher Education Must Track Its Impact On Society
May 13, 2015

In an op-ed in Investor's Business Daily   (subscription required), School of Management Dean Jess Boronico explains why universities must be measured by their impact on society in addition to career outcomes.

VanBergeijk Scales Rock Wall to Meet Students' Challenge
May 07, 2015

"Since this is a developmental disability, and that's for life, obesity is then potentially a lifetime issue, along with the health problems that come along with that," says Ernst VanBergeijk, associate dean and executive director of the Vocational Independence Program, in an interview with Suffolk Times and Riverhead News-Review about his annual fitness challenge to his students. "So we try to help them develop health habits."

VanBergeijk agreed to scale a 30-foot rock wall after his students accepted this year's challenge to walk 62 million steps. The idea, he says, is to have students with learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum diagnoses to focus on fitness and healthy habits, particularly because children on the autism specturm are 42 percent more likely to be obese. When his students surpassed the goal -- as they have done for the past few years -- he cheerfully scheduled his rock wall climb and invited the students to join him at the Baiting Hollow Boy Scout Camp to watch..

The Vocational Independence Program's goal to get students into college or full-time jobs is a wise investment, VanBergeijk tells the newspaper.

"A generation ago, these same children would have been relegated to institutions away from the community and away from a fulfilling life."

In a letter to the editor in the Riverhead News-Review, VanBergeijk also calls on state and Federal funding agencies to support special education students, as mandated by law. Funding students' enrollment in college-based special education and transition programs that seek to educate students to live and work independently, is a better investment, he says, than spending funds to fight school districts' resistance to pay for the services.

Matt Cornelius: Oculus Rift is a Game-Changer
May 06, 2015

"It's something you wear, it' s not too cumbersome, and it fits with the current way that people play games and view video -- it's like a low impact change to what people are familiar with," says Matt Cornelius, director of NYIT's motion capture lab in the College of Arts & Sciences, referring to the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Cornelius commented on Oculus Rift for an article in TechNewsWorld.  The device, he says, may change the face of gaming and entertainment because of its design and ability to transport users into immersive, virtual worlds. He also noted that some virtual reality devices are becoming important in fields other than gaming.

"They are also starting to couple these things together with things like motion capture and omnidirectional walking pads," says Cornelius. "When you start to couple things together, you approach a more immersive environment."

NYIT, Rep. Israel Call for Student Loan Debt Relief: FiOS1
Apr 08, 2015

Congressman Steve Israel (D-Huntington), NYIT President Dr. Edward Guiliano, and Nicole Soman, president of the Student Government Association at NYIT-Old Westbury, urged Congress to pass the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act (H.R. 1434, S. 793), which would allow borrowers with high interest rates on their existing student loans to refinance at lower levels. See coverage on FiOS1 News.

“As a university president, I am keenly aware of issues relating to student debt in America. Anything that offers relief from this burden is welcome,” noted Guiliano in a statement.  

Nicholas Bloom on NYC Affordable Housing in USA Today
Mar 26, 2015

"Can you build enough to make New York more affordable? I don't think this program can do that," New York Institute of Technology professor Nicholas Bloom, a public housing expert city, says of New York City Mayor de Blasio's plan in a USA Today article about the city's affordable housing stock. "You have a global city problem. It needs big money."

Bloom, an associate professor in the College of Arts & Sciences, says that while 200,000 units may seem like a large amount, New York's housing market would not be altered unless millions of new, affordable apartments were available.

Bloom also noted that a shortage of affordable housing will push working-class people to the city's suburbs, resulting in lengthy commutes to the city for work.

Newsday Features NYITCOM Match Day
Mar 20, 2015

“It’s really exciting and rewarding to see what the future holds for all of us,” says medical student Jessica Miller in a Newsday video (subscription required) on NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine’s annual Match Day ceremony. NYITCOM had a 100% match/placement rate in 2015.

PA Chair Larry Herman in Wall Street Journal
Mar 10, 2015

The Wall Street Journal quoted School of Health Professions Physican Assistant Studies Chairman Herman in an article on Yale University's new online degree for PA students. Herman is chairman of the board of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. 

“Rigorous is, perhaps, an understatement to describe these programs,” said Herman, speaking of the requirements of PA programs.  “This is not a shortcut in any way.

Herman said a number of PA training programs are beginning to put certain courses online, but students still need several thousand hours of in-person time with patients to gain certification.

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