Why Work at NYIT?

Like the idea of working for an organization on the cusp of great change? At NYIT, we are in the midst of a revolution. We’ve taken a long hard look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to go.

When it comes to bringing about change, our strategy is simple — we hire great people and encourage them to make their dreams and those of our students a reality.

We’ve created a plan and now we’re actively working to bring it to fruition. That means taking advantage of the more than 2,000 skilled faculty and staff members we already have onboard, and recruiting energetic, innovative thinkers to help revamp not only our institution but 21st-century education on a global scale.

Working at NYIT means being ready to tackle some of the biggest issues facing higher education today. We are looking for people who see these changes as opportunities and are ready to do what it takes to build a better NYIT.

We value hard work and creativity and believe the best results occur when talented people from diverse backgrounds work together. The varied perspectives, ideas, and cultures represented in our faculty and staff members are integral to NYIT’s success and the success of our students.