NYIT Mosaic

MOSAIC housingThe NYIT MOSAIC Living and Learning Community's mission is to promote and engage an active community of learners who wish to gain cultural awareness, understanding and respect for other societies at the local and global level with the hope of developing “idea centers”. 

NYIT MOSAIC residential experience unites students of diverse backgrounds and internationally-oriented goals. Students explore current global issues and emerging social concerns through a combination of academic work, community-based service opportunities and Co-curricular activities. Domestic students (host) will apply to be in the NYIT MOSAIC program after completing 12 credits at NYIT. International Students will be assigned to housing in the traditional process.

Goals of the NYIT MOSAIC Learning Communities

Students will:

  • feel a sense of belonging with the University community (faculty, staff and students).
  • experience a smooth transition into the American higher education system.
  • explore with members of the faculty and staff connections between experiences inside and outside the classroom.
  • Immerse themselves into the America culture through excursions, holiday celebrations of the host family and on-campus programs
  • inquire into areas of personal academic interest in ways that are designed to be helpful in settling on a major and in taking the first steps toward a career.
  • be exposed to a service experience in the context of global outreach and travel.
  • discover the value of intentional communities in developing habits of reflection and in reconciling people of different personalities, backgrounds, and social groups.
  • as a preparation for collaborative endeavors in later life, experience the support, creativity, and dynamism that such communities are able to foster.

Learning Outcomes of Learning Communities for NYIT MOSAIC

Students will:

  • develop networks of peers with similar personal and career interests.
  • understand the fit among their personality, values, interests, skills, and abilities and their career choices.
  • organize study sessions and use peer support networks.
  • be comfortable talking with faculty.
  • have an appreciation for diversity in people and experiences.
  • develop a sense of responsibility for and to others.
  • be confident in their academic abilities.
  • see the connections between classroom learning and experiences outside the classroom.

Benefits of NYIT MOSAIC Program

  • The opportunity to live with a student from a different country seeking  mentorship and support
  • The opportunity to engage in programs and service geared towards student engagement exposing students to American culture
  • Pre-registration for Thanksgiving Day Parade Seating and Dinner
  • $500.00 Housing Discount per semester
  • $100.00 Dining Dollars for Roommate Meal Talk Program
  • Early Check In and Welcome Back Dinner


Download the application form (Doc). Please email the completed form to reslife@nyit.edu.