Concerned About a Student? A Review of What to Do

Students of Concern – A Reminder of What to Do and NYIT Resources to Help You with Physical, Emotional, and Academic Issues

Often, when members of the campus community have concerns about a student or are confronted with an unusual or serious situation, they are unsure about how or where to turn for help. Please be aware of NYIT resources for such situations and remember to act upon any concerns as soon as possible to best support our students. A variety of campus resources and trained professionals are available to assist you:

  • Threatening, Irrational, or Criminal Behavior – Call Campus Security immediately to report any behavior that involves direct, indirect, or possible threats to anyone’s safety; this includes emotionally disturbed persons who are acting uncontrollably or irrationally, publicly disturbing or disruptive behavior, or criminal behavior/crimes in progress.

  • Medical Emergencies – Contact Campus Security immediately. If a life-threatening condition exists, call 911 first, then notify Campus Security immediately.

  • Disruptive, Disturbing Behavior or Student Code of Conduct Violations – Contact your campus office of the Dean for Campus Life to report your concerns and determine appropriate action. Send an e-mail detailing the incident to the campus Dean in Old Westbury and/or the Dean in Manhattan. If a situation requires immediate attention, call the appropriate dean at the number below.

  • Student Emotional Distress or Mental Health Concerns – Call or visit your campus Counseling and Wellness Center to consult with a licensed professional counselor and receive assistance with making a referral. See the Counseling Referral Guide for Faculty and Staff.

  • Student Learning, Psychological or Physical Disability - Call or visit the Office of Accessibility Services to consult with a disability services professional and receive assistance with making a referral.

  • Minor Illnesses or Injuries – Contact or send the student to the College of Osteopathic Medicine Academic Health Center (Old Westbury) Note: Health Services are not available on the Manhattan Campus; community health care resource information is available through the Office of Wellness Services.

  • Academic-Related Concerns – NYIT’s Save Our Students (SOS) system lets faculty and staff provide feedback identifying students at risk for attrition. This proactive feedback allows the Advising and Enrichment Center managers to take quick action in helping students continue their studies. Contact the Advising and Enrichment Center or complete an online SOS form.


Manhattan Campus

Old Westbury Campus

Campus Life

Ann Marie Klotz
Dean of Campus Life
26 W 61st Street
Room 105

Francy Magee
Dean of Campus Life
Student Activities Center
Room 208

Counseling Services

Michael Schneider, LMSW
Room M04, ext. 1773

Tiffany Ciprian, LMSW
Room M03, ext. 1755

Alice Heron-Burke, M.A., LMHC
Room 208, ext. 7683

Joan O’Connor, LMHC, CASAC
Room 20B, ext. 7703

Accessibility Services
& 504 Coordinator

Alyssa Provenzano, LMSW
Room M02, ext. 1759

Alyssa Provenzano, LMSW
Room 208, ext. 7636

Wellness Services

Room M05, ext. 1770

Room 208, ext. 7976

Health Care Center


College of Osteopathic Medicine

Student Solutions Center

Janel Owens
16 W. 61st St., 1st Floor

Penisse Gomillion
Harry Schure Hall, 1st Floor

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