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Aug 19 2014

NYIT Cybersecurity Conference 2014

Aug 18 2014

NYIT and Turkish Partner YTU Offer Dual Master’s Degrees

Aug 08 2014

Student-Doctors Begin NYIT Osteopathic Medical Education

Aug 05 2014

Paul Dangerfield to Lead NYIT-Vancouver

Aug 04 2014

NSF Awards NYIT Grant for Sputtering System to Support Nano/Micro-Fabrication Research

Aug 25 2014

Information Session About New ‘Minor in Energy Science, Technology and Policy’

Aug 26 2014

Graduate Enrollment Day

Aug 27 2014

Graduate Enrollment Day

Aug 29 2014

New Student Orientation - Old Westbury

Sep 02 2014

New MFA Graduate Student Orientation

Substance Abuse - Resources From Counseling Services

Substance abuse is marked by a maladaptive pattern of substance use manifested by recurrent and significant adverse consequences related to the repeated use of a substance (alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, heroin, MDMA, and others). The user may experience psychological and/or physical dependence and will notice that a tolerance to the substance has developed. Emotional, social, economic, and academic difficulties may be associated with the substance abuse. 

Find an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting in New York click here

Find a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting in New York click here

ALERT: AED (Alcohol Energy Drinks)
Pre-mixed “energy” drinks containing alcohol are appearing in stores. These drinks, such as Four Loko, are contributing to many injuries and deaths of college age students.
In the fall of 2010, over 25 college students in New Jersey, 9 in Washington State, and 7 in New York were hospitalized due to consuming this drink. In addition, deaths have occurred, including the death of an 18 year old girl from Long Island. Several states have banned the sale of these products and others are in the process of establishing a ban.
Four Loko comes in 9 sweet flavors. The average consumer is unaware of the ingredients in this product which contribute to its danger. The four main ingredients in Four Loko are alcohol, caffeine, guarana, and taurine. One 23 ½  ounce can of Four Loko has the equivalent alcohol content of 5 standard drinks of alcohol, and the caffeine equivalent of 6 standard cups of coffee. In addition, guarana is another source of caffeine and taurine is an amino acid which acts as a cardiac stimulant. Four Loko also contains 60 grams of sugar.
Consuming this product causes a rapid increase in blood alcohol concentration. The stimulants in the drink mask the effects but dangerous blood alcohol levels are occurring! The high amount of stimulants put a dangerous stress on the central nervous system, especially the heart. Consuming products like Four Loko is very dangerous.  Making a healthy choice would be to avoid consuming all energy drinks.
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