Ramilda Cruz




This is my grandmother, Ramilda. She's 73 years young and doesn't look or feel a day past 50! Although she's had some health problems in the past like having two strokes, she's in great spirits! Her skin literally has no wrinkles and when asked what her secret is, she says "collagen baby" (which is two bucks by the way at drugstores).

Ramilda is from Puerto Rico and loves her salsa. She goes dancing on the weekends with her friends and loves to show off her moves. She says dancing makes her feel like she's in her twenties again. She's always laughing and joking around and her philosophy is, "Why would anyone not want to joke around and laugh in life? It's too short to have hate in your heart."

We recently went on vacation to visit family in Arizona and went to Sedona to climb the famous "red rocks." We didn't doubt that our grandma could climb with us but we did doubt she couldn't do the whole climb. In fact, she did go the whole way with the exception of the rock climbing we had to do at the tippy top. Wow, all of us were shocked she was a trooper. When we asked her how she did that she said "not bad for a 72 year old woman from the Bronx!"

Ramilda is physically and mentally healthy because of her lighthearted, young soul.

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