Panagiotis Roumbos




The person I would like to nominate for the Vitality in Aging Contest is my amazing grandfather, Panagiotis Roumbos. At the young age of 73, my grandfather is extremely active and who is not allowing his cancer to get the best of him. Panagiotis Roumbos, just like every elderly person, has faced a lot of hardships throughout his life. Panagiotis was born and raised in Greece and ever since he was little he had to work for everything that he wanted. My grandfather fell in love with the violin at a young age that he decided that he wanted to learn how to play the violin. Being that he didn’t come from a wealthy family, Panagiotis took a different approach in learning how to play the violin. He made his own violin out of wood and he would listen to songs and practice playing them on his violin day and night until he got them down.

From a young age Panagiotis tried his best to be as healthy as he could be. He knows what food is or isn’t good for him. My grandfather takes walks morning and night in order so he could stay active. Unfortunately, as hard as he tried to stay healthy my grandfather got diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008. At first my grandfather didn’t want to comprehend the unfortunate news so he didn’t take any precautions in order for the cancer to stop spreading. In 2010 my grandfather was about to die, but being that his children and grandchildren couldn’t bare the thought of seeing such a young man go with cancer they all chipped in to help him survive. My grandfather in 2010 had surgery done and even though he doesn’t have a voice box anymore he is continuing to live his life the way it was meant to be. The doctors told us that my grandfather would have died 6 months after his surgery but with his diet and the active life he has, my grandfather proved the doctors wrong. Three years have passed and my grandfather is continuing to live his life, eating healthy, exercising, playing his violin at Greek festivals in Greece, and he still manages to have his social life.

In my eyes my grandfather, Panagiotis Roumbos, is the perfect example of Vitality in Aging. He is a 73-year young man who despite the fact he has cancer he is not allowing his illness to get the best of him.

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