Cesar Santamaria




Cesar was born 04/30/1937 in Peru. He is my best friends grandfather and I couldnt think of any other person to nominate but him because he is the type of person that loves living life to the fullest and full of happiness and where I would love to be at his age.

At the age of 76 you will always see him happy excited about life. He loves life so much he always is dancing and singing, he is the person to bring up the party with his jokes, dance moves, and singing.

He loves to work on cars especially old cars. As an active Catholic he is a deacon at his local church and participates in every activity. He loves to interact with the people at  his church and is always lending a helping hand to anyone in need. Besides helping other he loves to travel especially to his native country of Peru.

Other than his everyday activities he always loves to spend time with his grandchildren and play pranks on them. This is the reason I nominated Mr. Santamaria because he is where every young person would want to be at his age, full of life and loving it.

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