Celine Marquez




My candidate is my mother. She is however not over the age of 65, but she is all for healthy living. She is the one person I've always looked up to and the one who always showed me the healthy ways to go about my life. She is a registered nurse and is 100% dedicated to what she does.

Since I was a little girl, my mother always told me how important it is to take your vitamins and stay active. Till this day, I still listen to her. She is also a grandmother of three. So not only does she stay active by walking around the hospital for 12 hours, she exercises daily, and runs around the house with her grandchildren.

Apart from that, she is a sibling of 14, and has 58 nieces and nephews. She also helps every single one of them without hesitation, when asked for help. She doesn't only concentrate on keeping herself healthy, but always wants to help others.

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